Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Ghana Rising Hearts T-Michael

T-Michael and business partner Alexander Helle......

"True, unadulterated beauty and craftsmanship goes into each of T-Michael's pieces. Details, quality, tradition and style are few of the words that come to mind. Furthering the art and heritage of artisanal techniques of the past and redefining ready to wear styling of today's zeitgeist. T-Michael also dabbles in films and has from his creative film lab written, co directed, produced and art directed 3 films." Norwegian Rain
T-Michael and TinieTempah in Norwegian Rain

Sneak Preview: Handmade soles made of milk, titanium tanned leather, hidden inner galosh... Welcome the waterproof leather shoe project!! AW14." Norwegian Rain
Paulina says: How fabulous are these boots -a must for A/W 2014 me thinks....


Paulina says: I've had the biggest crush on bespoke tailor / fashion designer / style icon, T-Michael for some time and up until a couple of days ago had no idea what he was called. Anywaysssss, like a growing number of yousssssssssss, I'd seen numerous photos of this stylish cat dressed to kill all over the place -and was moved to find out more.... So can you imagine my happy surprise when I found out not only his name --but that he was Ghanaian...... -still I'm not surprised, I've always known Ghanaian men are the best dressed men on planet Earth.
T-Michael it transpires is the fabulous designer behind the hottest label right now -Norwegian Rain, and has become of late -the darling of the fashion red carpet and a heartthrob for many women like me.....

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