Sunday, 30 March 2014

Mother's Day / My Day.....................

Paulina says: I've been out of sorts-lately. The thing is..... its very easy to get ...well, a bit out-of-sorts when you're doing lovely things from your heart and one or two, who shall remind nameless -belittle it... I guess they simply haven't evolved beyond themselves ---yet.

Two and a half years ago, all hell broke loose in my life and I was crashed but I learnt, and continue to learn some very valuable lessons.

One of the biggest lessons I learnt about myself, was that, even when my dreams came crashing down, I was still able to pick myself up by God's glorious grace, get back onto the computer, and celebrate other peoples dreams and businesses.....and I like me.....very much for that.

I think that my problems has been that because somewhere along the way I got damaged, that --I felt I had something prove (to at least two people in my life), but now I'm free --and I don't feel that way -Amen.

I also feel that I was mis-educated along the way, and now I'm learning that what I perceived to be the small things in life --are truly the BIGGEST and BEST things in life --and I'm thankful and grateful for them.

Anywayssssssssss I just wanted to tell you how much I needed Mother's Day -today!!!!

I love my son sooooooo much. After God he is my everything. We cooked together today, and he made me this delicious fruit salad..

I hope your Mother's Day was everything you wanted it to be.

Lots of Love

Paulina xxx

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