Thursday, 16 July 2009

Beauty: Akoma at Exclusive Roots

"When sourcing their products Akoma purchase them from fair trade organizations in Africa. What does fair trade mean? Fair Trade means that the women co-operatives and suppliers making the products are paid at a fair rate and are provided with a pension plan, vacation, sick and family leave and overtime." Exclusive Roots

If you are after African Black Soap or real [raw] organic unrefined Shea butter, -take a look at Exclusive Root's website. The above yummy products are both made in Ghana, -by the, 'Akoma Women's Co operative' and are organic, free from dyes and fragrances. The shea butter is processed from nuts gathered from the karite tree grown in the northern region of Ghana. It is wonderful, contains vitamins A and E, leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth, -and makes an excellent moisturiser. It can be used to heal cracked, aged and damaged skin (£6.50).

The Soap is good for sensitive skin [it does not contain any; chemicals, preservatives, colour enhancers or fragrances] -and is coveted for its natural healing properties (£3.50). For more information about Exclusive Roots; to order, -or to enquire about wholesale orders [they have a minimum order of £50 policy -and for orders over £250, they provide free postage and packing] -or to receive a free 10ml sample of organic Shea butter [or coconut oil], please visit:

Why not visit them at their store in Leamington Spa at:
Exclusive Roots
45 Park Street, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, CV32 4QN Tel: 01926 258505
P.s Exclusive Roots also sells gorgeous dresses by Global Mamas -see the lovely dresses below (please read my past article, entitled -Global Mamas)- I believe the model in the photographs is Mirash Davies.

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