Thursday, 16 July 2009

Bonsu Thompson: Journalist and Publisher

"Dreamz R Real Entertainment is a multi-media and management company. We provide numerous services such as the marketing of up and coming brands trying to find their way into a certain market, managing artists and songwriters and A&R consultation. What the people can be on the lookout for is an incredible female artist and songwriter named Mela Machinko. She’s from New York but lives in Atlanta now, where most of the best writers reside. She has an amazing female perspective and sense of style. Also, be on the lookout for the re-launch of In fact, as soon as you finish reading this interview, log on." Bonsu Thompson

I am surprised -King magazine has folded!! I remember buying it sometime back, because Eva Marcille (nee Pigford) of ANTM was on the cover -and stumbled across it's editor, -and respected journalist, Bonsu Thompson. I was surprised because, I just don't see Ghanaian names in American publications [and to my knowledge, -Ghanaians in America -just haven't achieved the success that British Ghanaians have in the world of media]. I have since learnt that many successful Ghanaians in the States -anglicize their names [what a shame] -and thus don't appear to be Ghanaian. As you can see [above], Bonsu Thompson [aka Bezo] is one busy brother. The Editor-in-chief of Hip-Hop Soul, Editor-at-Large of XXL, -and the founder of, Dreamz R Real Entertainment -Bonsu is a seasoned pro. If you are interested in music, modelling, being managed, branding or representation etc, -then you can also catch up with him on myspace:

Do you live in Accra or New York? Are you passionate about Ghana [ its people, its Movers & Shakers, its politics, its celebrities etc]? Are you interested in popular culture? Do you have access to successful Ghanaians in your city? Do you know how to research -and work to deadlines? Do you have the motivation to contribute to Ghana Rising, -as and when [yummy news involving the Ghanaian Glitterati -breaks in your city]? I am looking for two contributors; one based in Ghana [preferably Accra] and another based in the States [preferably NYC] - to contribute to Ghana Rising. If you are motivated, passionate about Ghana, can work to deadlines, have a good understanding of the English language, -and love fashion; beauty, lifestyle, popular culture, Ghanaian celebrities, -and are interested in writing for Ghana Rising; -please email me at: or Thanks Paulina xx

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