Sunday, 4 October 2009

Home: Adinkra Ceramic Vases

"Meaningful functional art from Ghana .....These beautiful handcrafted ceramic vases incorporate the West African symbol system known as Adinkra. Used to decorate ceremonial cloth, Adinkra symbols have become a popular icon of West African style around the globe."

I am loving these Adinkra Ceramic Vases from, 'Swahili-Imports' -they are perfect for any setting and would look good with uber sleek Bamboo sticks. Each triangular vase includes the following symbols: DEKYEM, a symbol of adaptability, NKYINKYIM, a symbol of initiative, dynamism and versatility and KWATAKYE ATIKO, a symbol of bravery and valor. Available in three sizes, -they work perfectly [displayed] alone or in a grouping. Price starts from $45.00

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