Sunday, 3 November 2013

Object of Desire: Ashanti Crown and Fly Whisk

Like the legendary golden stool, the crown and fly whisk were important symbols of royal authority in the Ashanti Kingdom. The crown here was modelled after those of European Royalty, the Ashanti earning the right to adopt European models to their gold rich Kingdom. The Ashanti were one of the few African states able to offer serious resistance to European colonizers, fighting four wars against the British between 1823 and 1896, some of these wars over possession of the Golden Stool.

The gold leaf covered Ashanti crown and fly whisk presented here are rare, old examples of Ashanti art which is best exemplified in their stools and gold regalia. Circa 1880-1900. From an old California collection.

The crown: 20 cm/ 8 in high x 20 cm/ 8 in diameter. The fly whisk: 46 cm/ 18 in long. Both on custom copper stands

Price on Request.

Paulina says: I'm thinking ........those responsible for selling our 'family silver' need to start buying them back -pronto.. For more info or to purchase the above pieces visit:

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