Friday, 15 May 2009

Beauty: 2nd Image International (Ghana)

2nd Image International, is a chichi beauty clinic; health spa, slimming Salon and -a specialist collage, -dedicated to providing training/courses in all aspects of Beauty. Established in 1986 by Nikki Boa-Amponsem, as a -beauty and slimming salon and college, -2nd Image International is dedicated to providing training/courses to meet the needs of the dynamic and highly competitive, national and international -world's of hair and beauty. Offering a comprehensive array of beauty services (including; Beauty Therapy, Body Massages, Facial Therapy, Facials, Nails, Hairdressing, Diet Planning, Permanent Make-up and much more), -2nd Image International caters for both men and women -and has a dedicated and professional staff on hand to groom and treat various skin and body conditions – leaving you pampered, stress free and serene. Visit for more information.

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