Friday, 1 May 2009

Black Star: Jaye Davidson

Do you remember, 'The Crying Game,' -it was such a scandal. It introduced the androgynous beauty, Jaye Davidson (born Alfred Amey, -to a Ghanaian father and an English mother in California, America and raised in Hertfordshire, England) -to the world, as a gender-bending, -transvestite hairdresser and singer called, Dil. An iconic role, -Jaye who had previously been in the fashion industry -became world famous over night (a situation that unnerved him -and caused him to go back to fashion). 'The Crying Game -also garnered Jaye, Oscar and BAFTA nominations -for Best Supporting Actor -and enticed the producers of 'Stargate' to offer him, the role of the godlike Ra ( a role he played -after he was given his asking wage of, $1 million. 'Stargate' was to become his last film, unfortunately). Jaye has since returned to fashion -and has no desire to return to acting.........The Big screen misses Jaye but we wish him the best in all his endeavours...xx

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  1. I would love to meet Jaye someday and talk!!! I think Jaye is an awesome actor and filled with passion in everything Jaye wants to do. Maybe someday, just someday we can just chat. That's a great big wish that I hope comes true.........