Friday, 29 May 2009

Food: Clarke Peters loves Akara

“I'd start with a salad from Whole foods and then I'd move on to akara, an African dish that's like falafel but with with black peas”.

“The Whole Food salad bar on Wilshire Boulevard in Santa Monica, LA, is also one of my favourites. For breakfast, I love the vegetarian omelette at Café Flour-de-Lis in New Orleans, and they also do a good blueberry waffle on Thursday afternoons, meditation centre Global Co-operation house in NW10 does divine lunches. And I have to mention my in-laws in Ghana: Uncle Jimmy and his wife Rachel. She makes akara like no other.”

The American actor Clarke Peters (best known for his role as Lester Freamon in The Wire and the author of Jazz Musical -Five Guys Named Moe) on his last super -and his favourite places to eat around the world...

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