Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Culture: Akan Cultural Symbols by Dr. George F. Kojo Arthur

Ohene ko hia -The king is gone to the harem.

M'akoma mu tofe -My sweetheart

My Hands are Blessed

High Society

Huhuuhu nye me hu - Rumors do not scare me

Nea kyiniie si ne so ne ohene -He who has umbrella over his head is the king.

Obakofo mmu oman -One person does not rule a nation.

Sika tu se anommaa -Money flies like a bird

Suukuu nko na nyansa nko -Attending school does not mean that one would be wise.

Dea emmaa da eno ne dea yennhunu na yennte bi da -What is novel is what we have not seen and heard before.

Can you tell what the pink cloth [above] is called -from its symbols? Nor can I. Read, Dr.George F. Kojo Arthur's extensive work about our, Adinkra, Kente, Kente Motifs, Wax & Non Wax Prints, Asafo Flags and Akunintam cloths -and their symbolic meanings -as part of his 'Akan Cultural Symbols Project' -and order his exciting book on the above subject called, 'Cloth As Metaphor' -( cataloguing over 700 Adinkra symbols, their variations and discuses the various themes encoded in the texts of proverbs, aphorisms and other verbal expressions related to these symbols) -from:


  1. Hello! I would love to buy book by G.F. Kojo Arthur "Cloth As Metapho" which you are writing about. I am not succesful with google, also here in czech republic there are no signs of being here...Thank you for your blog and have a nice day!


  2. hello sir,this is c.k.(mr.Yankson's inlaw) i have been trying to reach you on your phone in the states but all my attempt were proven email address is or you can call on friend from bermuda wants to know when you sent the cloth and the tracking number as well