Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Ghanaian Princess: Nana Osei

Photo one: Nana in a gorgeous white swimsuit with gold details, a large black hat and a blingastic gold cuff.
Photo two: Nana (left -is looking flawless in a sexy black dress -with fabulous silver earrings) with Ohenma Frimpomaa of Miss Africa Australia Beauty Pageant and a friend.
Photo three: Nana (in a fabulous yellow dress, teamed with an [on trend] wide black belt and a gorgeous red clutch).

“I've always been very creative, putting things together and making it work. I don't believe it matters [the price of your clothes] -it's how you rock it” Nana Osei

“My hope is for Ghana to become one of the most prominent, industrialized, -and wealthy countries in Africa. I want everyone in the world to take this country seriously, because it's actually getting there.” Nana Osei

It's always exciting to stumble across a Ghanaian sister -who is inspirational, beautiful, full of life; ambitious and happy. Nana Osei is such a person, -and we have managed to get an interview with this busy bee. The following is an inspirational insight into the life of our fabulous Ghanaian Princess -and I am sure you'll agree, -when I say that Nana is pretty special. Enjoy.....

GR: Hello Nana, how are you?
NO: I'm doing well. I can't complain at all. I'm blessed and Highly favoured

GR: It's so lovely to finally catch up with you Nana. What are you up to?
NO: Well I've just been working and trying to get into a little bit of everything. I performed this past Saturday, at The Move to Groove Ball Hip Hop show case -and that was a lot of fun. My group and I performed a dance by upcoming choreographer, Connor Shepard. I plan on moving to L.A. by August to pursue my dreams -so I'm definitely saving money for that, because I heard it's not cheap lol

GR: Nana you are a dancer, and have four years in a dance company -tell us more?
NO: I've been dancing since I was two. I began with the Adowa in Ghana but I never had any professional training -it came naturally ( if I can say so myself). I got involved when I began college at the University of North Texas [where I was one of the first members of Basic Rhythm dance Co]. We danced mostly Hip Hop, but stylized in jazz and contemporary. I was involved in the Dance Company for all four years, during college, -as assistant choreographer. We had annual showcases and won our school's competition every homecoming, called "yell Like Hell". Dancing is truly one of my passions. One of the best moments was when we opened for the one and only, Pattie La Belle, where I had the honour to choreograph a piece to her song, -it was a lot of fun. The great thing about the dance group is that it is still 'on and going' - at the University. I'm proud to say I started something like that.

GR: Wow Pattie La Belle -anyway you are also a model tell us more?
NO: I tell everyone -I don't consider myself a model because I've never been paid for it lol. But seriously, -I began about a year ago. I never really looked at myself and considered modelling because I felt I was too short, -amongst other things. My sister always wanted too but then people started telling me that I should try it [I have that look] -so I said to myself, -why not. I've worked only with Photographer, Will Washington of Extreme Works Studio, who I've known for about 2 years now. I do a lot of portfolio updates and promotions for him. I wouldn't mind doing high fashion because I usually get contacted for music videos, or King magazine type of shoots, and that's not what I'm trying to do now. I've also had experience behind the scenes. I coordinated a fashion show for, UASA -an African organization I was apart of at the University. We raised over $800 for AIDS awareness [for] that event. I was Head Coordinator and had to get the venue,models and promotions. It was a success.

GR: What projects are you working on at present?
NO: At this moment I'm just trying to get into other things -such as auditions for upcoming plays and building up my resume. The most prominent project, I'm focusing on is a fashion show featuring myself and my designs [sometime this year]. It is sponsored by, 'Impact Today' -an organization founded by my cousin, Thelma Osei, -it empowers our youth. We are also working with my other cousin [another] designer, Malik Ohene Awuah -featuring his line 'Overachievers' -[a shout out to him] -check out his website at: www.iamoverachiever.com it's all for a good cause. But I hope to get my designs out there. It incorporates all types of African styles -with quality fabrics, - to make it fun and modern. It will be hot, so I will definitely keep you posted and once I do a photoshoot with the clothes, hopefully you will allow me to post it on your blog...

GR: We look forward to your designs and of cause -we will post it on the blog. Nana what do you do on your days off?
NO: Girl, sleep, sleep...lol. No, I usually just run last minute errands and just relax because, -I work 10 hour days, so I look forward to relaxing when I'm off. You know, I hang with friends but sometimes -I do have to work on my projects [such as my fashion designs] or go to auditions.

GR: I love your style -how would you describe your look?
NO: Hmm I would say 'only Nana' lol. Seriously, with anything that I do [with my hair and clothes] is different. I would like to think of myself as a trendsetter. When I step out people usually say, "only Nana could pull that off". I just like to think outside of the box. I've always been very creative, putting things together and making it work. I don't believe it matters [the price of your clothes] -it's how you rock it. Wear it with confidence and you can't go wrong. My style is fun, flirty, creative, hot and edgy at times, but all the same, -it's me.

GR: Who are your favourite designers?
NO: This is so sad but I really don't have a favourite designer. To tell you the truth -I don't really rock designer gear. I'm frugal and a bargain shopper [you feel me lol]. I always go in stores -and go straight to the clearance section -and make things work for me. My favourite stores to shop are; Bebe, XXI,Wet Seal, Frenzi, Bloom and [I have to say this but] Ross lol. They have a lot of cute dresses for great prices, -and you can't go wrong with vintage stores, -just mix and match with some new pieces -and make it work.

GR: You are beautiful -what is your secret?
NO: No stress, genes and love [ from your family] lol. My mom always taught me to moisturise I wash my face every night and every morning. As far as make-up is concerned, -I usually don't wear make-up unless I'm going out -then I use studio Fix by MAC and some lip gloss. I think every girl [if nothing else] needs to have lip gloss -you can never go wrong. But the natural look is me [for the most part] because [believe it or not] guys actually like that.

GR: Who does your hair, your nails and do you go to the gym?
NO: I actually do my own hair. I usually do quick weaves or make my own wigs. I do have a good length of hair, but I just get bored easily and like different looks. As far as working out, - I try to every two days or at least once a week. I hate working out but I love playing sports -such as; basketball, rock climbing and swimming. As a Ghanaian you know we have to keep in shape with all the rice, banku and fufu we eat lol. But yes, -I think it's defiantly good to keep a healthy regiment...

GR: On to more serious stuff, -what are your hopes and dreams for Ghana?
NO: I finally went back to Ghana after 17 years. I was born in the states but raised in Ghana until I was 5. I went for Christmas and I loved it. Ghana is amazing and the economy is booming right now. There are so many opportunities back home with business, real estate and especially with entertainment (which is my focus). I had the opportunity to be on the radio at VIBE FM, go to the TV stations -GTV and TV3, to do some productions. I even got the chance to be the back up dancer for artist Tic Tac at the MTN concert during the African World Cup for his hit song "Kangaroo" that was so much fun. I never knew how much fun Ghana could be. My hope is for Ghana to become one of the most prominent, industrialized, -and wealthy countries in Africa. I want everyone in the world to take this country seriously, because it's actually getting there. When I was there last year December, -the Cedis was more that U.S. dollars! I want to inspire other Africans and Ghanaians to take what they have gotten from America [by utilizing it's resources] and bring it back home to make our country even better than it is. I plan to retire there when I get older but I would like to establish myself here first. Ghana is a beautiful country which I call home, I hope to make my country proud with my endeavours. For all the others [countries] don't sleep on Ghana, because were coming!

Thank you beautiful, we look forward to your designs. God Bless all your dreams.....xx

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