Sunday, 20 November 2011

Amber Rose apologizes and explains about her comments on poverty in Ghana/Africa…

Thanks to ever fabulous Mr Ameyaw Debrah for making it possible to see this film clip…as for the yummy Amber Rose -she owes me no apologies as she was speaking the truth -whether prosperous Ghanaians like it or not.. You can keep up with Mr Debrah’s on-trend happenings via:

The following is a quote from You Tube -and its very interesting:

“Folks, the truth and only the truth will save us. But the truth hurts and like a very bitter pill. Many of us, Ghanaians, mistakenly assume Accra as a true representative of Ghana. What many see in Accra is wrongly considered as all over the nation. Which is wrong! The middle class which has emerged as the most forceful engine of economic growth is truly non-existent in Ghana. Some Ghanaians from abroad come to Ghana and never go past the Ashanti region to the North, you'll see real struggle.” giftybumpa

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