Wednesday, 16 November 2011

A Must Visit: Charlie Wright's International Bar ….

Can you name one pub that’s run by a Ghanaian? No? Well you can now, Charlie Wright's International Bar is run by my old friend, John an ex body builder from the Fanti region -(that's all the info you're going to get about the mysterious John)...

Fabulously unpretentious for chichi Old Street, Charlie Wright's -as the locals call it, is a laidback hub where fashion designers, musicians, celebrities, writers, bankers, the unemployed (they are called poets at Charlie Wright's) all go to let their hair down during the week or party at the weekend –and I should know because I used to work there when John first took over this must-visit venue -many moons ago. Good music and yummy Thai food, Charlie Wright's is intimate enough for a romantic night out or ideal for a quick drink before heading home..

Presently they have a weekly jazz night, which runs from 8pm –1am and tonight (16-11-2011) the ever fabulous Reggie Washington is playing –so book your ticket(s) now, it costs £20.00 in advance.. Please note that the jazz nights runs until 29 November 2011..

45 Pitfield Street,
N1 6DA
020 7490 8345

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