Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Our History: Akan culture genesis of what gave rise to Asante (Ashanti) empire, reflecting medieval Akan culture......

Akan ethnic group consists of:
Ashanti, the Akwamu, the Akyem, the Akuapem, the Denkyira, the Abron, the Aowin, the Ahanta, the Anyi, the Akropong-Akuapem, the Baoule, the Chokosi, the Fante, the Kwahu, the Sefwi, the Ahafo, the Assin, the Evalue, the Wassa, the Adjukru, the Akye, the Alladian, the Attie,the M'Bato, the Abidji, the Avikam,the Avatime, the Ebrie, the Ehotile, the Nzema, the Abbe, the Aboure, the Coromantins, the Ndyuka people.

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