Sunday, 20 November 2011

An Inspiration: Pamela Gyebi-Ababio……….teaching us about Sickle Cell Anaemia

“I want people living with sickle cell to have more confidence in themselves and to realise they aren’t the only ones, and that we can still achieve,” Pamela Gyebi-Ababio

***Sometimes I wonder about those suffering from Sickle Cell Anaemia -back home in Ghana??? Because there was a time …even in civilised UK, when all the medical profession had to treat suffers -were blood transfusions and a course of Penicillin??? To be honest, I don’t know if much has changed…God is very good and my brother (Chicken) George has been healed (in Jesus’ Name) -and we’ve been truly Blessed -because its been years since the last crisis…but what of those living with this condition back home??? Are lovers/ soon to be married couples checking to see if they are both carriers before they get married and embark on having babies?? This disease should be a thing of the past??? Where’s the education about the devastating effects of Sickle Cell Anaemia? My beautiful friend, Gifty lost her beloved daughter (she was only 14 months old) and she has never been the same (and if I’m honest -nor have I) -and carries her baby’s ashes with her -everywhere!!!!

Pamela, 18, was born with sickle cell anaemia, a genetic blood disorder. She describes how to cope with the disease on a daily basis, and explains why it is important to raise awareness of the condition. You can read all about beautiful Pamela Gyebi-Ababio’s incredible journey via the NHS Choices website at:

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