Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Music: Female musicians of Ghana……….who has what it takes to manage them -properly???

It seems that there’s much jealousy and not a lot of love or enough respect for Ghanaian female artists -and after the ubiquitous first hot single -these musicians are quickly forgotten or not managed properly…. and I don’t know why?? Badly handled, badly styled and with less money put into managing them than their male counterparts, it appears (to me -anyway) that their managers all happen to be young men after some ‘feely-feely’ or dirty old men who are…. errrrrrrrrmm, what shall I call it…..-sponsoring them -if you know what I mean??? Because to make anything happen in Ghana -you need sponsorship -right? No? ….We need female musicians like Mzbel to get into management and mentor and guide these young female artists!!! Anyway I was doing some research and looking for the latest info concerning the ever fabulous Efya and thought -why not catch up -and look up on all my other favourite Ghana based female artists (right -now)… thus my feelings (I’m entitled to them) are as follows….

Artist: Efya

Music: ‘Lil Things’ by Efya

I can listen to this tune all day…

I love Efya, her style and verve and I’ve been very upset of late ….by the horrible rumours concerning this beautiful musician!! From the recent weight loss to rumours that she’s on drugs or the much publicised break-up of a relationship -its all soo distressing but I believe in this talented singer and truly believe that she is rising above it all…because things of this nature -pass …Amen!! Plus no one can take her heaven given talent away from her… Big love to you….Efya x

Sexy Sassy Wahala by Efya

Artist: Sherifa Gunu

Music: Mbrantie by Sherifa Gunu featuring David & Punany

Sherifa Gunu bringing the delights of northern Ghana to the nation…

I spotted musician Sherifa Gunu years ago on OBE TV in an episode of MTV Africa -and thought she was fabulous, and wondered why I hadn’t heard about this beautiful and talented northern Ghanaian sister! I then spied her again in the line up of Ghanaian artist singing about sanitation for a campaign (I think) …and was struck by her awesome voice and thought she was the best (like most of the people who have heard and watched the above film clip on Youtube). But what I really love is her unique voice and hot style.. From the fabulous Mohican to the fashion-forward make-up, to her dancer body, her love of African beads and jewellery -and her wonderful Afro-chic ensembles -a real celebration of all things African….. Sherifa Gunu is one of Ghana’s most fashionable ladies. I want to see more from this beautiful and talented singer…I’m not good in crowds but I’d pay good money see this sister live…

Artist: Raquel

Music: Odo by Raquel

There’s no denying that Raquel has a sweet voice and I’ve been meaning to do a piece about her for some time but whenever I look for images of her or stumble across her doing her thing via Talk of Ghana -say, there are just no images that befit this great talent, and its weird because she‘s a beautiful girl!! Badly styled but mercifully getting better -this talent needs a real professional team around her!!! I love her voice and see big things for her …but she is quickly turning into another female talent that’s been left to do ‘jagger-jagger-concerts-in-Ghana’…. when she has the talents to propel her worldwide… Are there any female music producers in Ghana who can manage these hot new talents -hitting GH’s music scene????

Raquel Ft. Sarkodie - Sweetio

Artist: Kaakie

‘Ewo’ by Kaakie

I was thinking about Kaaki, the fabulous new fierce Ghanaian female musician who brought us the ever hot, ’Too Much’ -and stumbled across her latest, ‘Ewo’ and I love it paaaaaaaa!! But I wonder…..what are her people doing to get this talented gal’s music ..out to the masses? I pray -that this talented young lady -doesn’t end up like the rest….maybe she needs the likes of Mzbel (again) -another female musician behind her….Whatever happens …you can’t fail to notice that Kaakie has talent…I look forward to more this sister….

Kaakie singing LIVE….fabulous

Music: Kaakie - Too Much

Artist: Diamond

Music: Taste My Apple by Diamond featuring Jay

As you already know…I’m a big fan of singer, fashion designer, entrepreneur and CEO of Diamonds Empire -Diamond Appiah. And since I last wrote about Ghana’s very own Lady Gaga -Ms Appiah has gone stellar and is celebrated by those in the know in GH… From interviews on TV and radio and invites to all the hottest shows in Ghana…Diamond is on her way to becoming as big as one of her dearest BFF’s ....Mzbel, -with her eclectic style and funky, clubby music… Go Diamond….Yes... taste her apple oOO!!!

Music: Diamond Popping by Diamond

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