Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Ghana Rising Hearts Jojo Abot…

There’s a real girly sweetness, a yummy natural eclectic feel about Jojo Abot’s style -and I love it. Full of fun and whimsy -her cute model figure, natural hair, light on-trend make-up and energy is all her own, nothing added and nothing borrowed…just her own fabulous innate style. I’m a big fan of her Afro-chic garbs, cute LBD’s and laidback out-and-about look she sports when she relaxing. A model, TV Presenter and musician, her band is called Jojo Abot and the Phunky Phew, -Jojo Abot's about to blow up and I’m very excited for her…Just check out her fab live performance in Accra earlier this month at Citizen Kofi (I think)...

"Jojo Abot performs at "TalkParty" where the dopest artists and media creatives in Ghana meet. Providing a space for young people to create innovative projects, exchange ideas about global art and politics, and hear fresh music by indie artists on the international scene." Youtube..

For more information about Jojo Abot and her music visit her fan page at:

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