Thursday, 26 April 2012

Blue Diamond Beach Spa Resort -Ghana’s latest Luxe destination du jour…

Blue Diamond Beach Spa Resort is a newly opened eight hectares of land with 500 meters beach front -luxe paradise in central region of Ghana that offers the discerning traveller a choice of 6 sea view chalets and 1 suite -all with stunning sea views. Other accommodation includes a safe and professional campsite with BBQ, shawarma grill and kitchen facilities etc.

Blue Diamond Beach Spa Resort also boasts an extensive and professional kitchen, a sea view restaurant -already famed for its carte du jour including: Indian, Lebanese, Thai and other international dishes, a spa with professional Thai massage, a sauna, an outdoor Jacuzzi and a fully equipped -gym. Note they also have a couple of quad bikes for hire -fab..

I’m very excited about this resort. Not only adding to Ghana’s grown band of stylish, professional, high-end tourist destinations - Blue Diamond Beach Spa Resort also looks like it would make an absolutely fabulous location for high end fashion shoots…

I get the feeling that the good people behind Blue Diamond Beach Spa Resort -know their stuff -and I can’t wait to check it out.. Please some of their facilities are opened to the public at a cost including some of their popular must-go-to upcoming events this April including:

Coconut spa evening on the 27th and 28th, a bonfire night on the 29th and a reggae night on the 30th! For more info call 0206042265 or email

For more info about Ghana’s latest must-visit luxe Resort visit their face book page at:


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