Thursday, 19 April 2012

Ghana Rising Hearts Maa Akua Berko-Mensah’s MABM Designs label….

To order from the above collection visit:

You can tell when I love something -can’t you?? Anyway if you love the above the designs as much as I do -and you're interested in purchasing some -do email Maa Akua Berko-Mensah at:

****Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: There’s an exciting experimental feel about Maa Akua Berko-Mensah’s MABM Designs label. Fresh, youthful and unafraid, -MABM Designs takes 'whimsy' to a whole different level -and its sooo refreshing to behold. Daring to design outside-the-box, adding a surprise zip here, and a funky attachment -there, the MABM Designs label is setting the pace, not following the crowd -and Ghana Rising‘s a big fan…

Using a host of different prints, -some Ghanaian wax prints and some not, Maa Akua Berko-Mensah has dared to do something new -and it works. Honestly it’s a breath of fresh air to see a Ghanaian designer -designing outside the ubiquitous ‘same ole, same ole’ -dress box , -you know the one… the one by that ‘over imitated’ designer based in Ghana (wink, wink).

She has also dared to get creative, using different textures and textiles including plastic, wool, mesh et al -in a new and interesting way.. .

Note, if you’re beginning to feel …MABM Designs’ might just be a tad too Lady Gaga for you; -don’t, -she also has a collection of this season’s floral trend -with an uber feminine body-con dress and cute ‘prom’ skirts. She also has some high-octane show stopping pieces including a; to-live-for wax print maxi dress and some pretty must-buy dresses that nod to this season‘s clashing print trend….

MaQuiah is also available for bespoke/made-to-measure pieces that fit like gloves and can be contacted via email at:

For More information about Maa Akua Berko-Mensah’s MABM Designs label visit:

P.s Maa Akua Berko-Mensah will be showcasing her latest MABM Designs collection at AFWNY (Africa Fashion Week NY) this July, so make sure you put it in your dairy…. Do google AFWNY for more info.. xoxoxo

***P.s ..I don’t know who styled or took the above photos but there’s a lovely, clean, crisp feel to them -and MaQuiah should be really proud of them.. Fabulous 

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