Thursday, 26 April 2012

Objects of Desire: Afrema Earrings by Ahene Pa Nkasa

I’ve often wondered where those uber stylish Afro-centric girls-about-town buy these earrings -and now I know… Lovingly made by Trish Graham and her team of artisans and bead makers in Ghana -these Afrema earrings are made from, “Lost Wax brass with recycled glass beads that can be colour co-ordinated to match many of the designs” -and are a must-buy for all successful fashionable wardrobes…-and upcoming photo shoots.. To purchase the above Afrema earrings and more -visit:

**Some more of Ahene Pa Nkasa's yummy designs:
Beautiful cow horn beads accented with copper, and nickel silver beads. The pendant in a rare Taureg silver and copper piece.

Hellena: Three strands of recycled glass beads with a lost wax cast brass accent. Comes in many colours.

Menagerie Fish: This is one of my best sellers, the brass animals come in many colour combinations. I have fish, lions, leopards, geckos, aligators, bees, beetles, mice and more to come. Please ask if you want other photos.

 Two Crocodiles sharing a stomach. A Proverb about why are we fighting as it all goes to the same place, or cooperation. Earthy browns, golds and forest green.

More info…
Trish Graham is a Canadian who lives in Ghana. She came to West Africa to work in micro-finance with CUSO, a Canadian development organisation. While there she fell in love with the creativity and warmth of the people. She now make her home in Accra, working with the local bead makers to create unique jewellery.

Trish says: “Many of the beads I work with are locally produced, often from recycled materials. Some of the beads are very old, drawing on Africa’s long rich tradition of bead making and use. I find it inspiring and exciting to interact with the traders and bead producers and to be a part of an ancient living tradition.”

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