Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Object of Desire: ‘Oh Chale’ Women’s t-shirt by Kayobi ….

£25         To buy the ‘Oh Chale’ Women’s t-shirt by Kayobi visit: http://kayobi.bigcartel.com/

“A very popular Ghanaian (Pidgin English) expression used in multiple senses in the same sense as the words "Dude" or "Homie." Used with "Oh" as an expression of disappointment, pity, and sympathy. This design employs the classic Yo MTV Raps design and gives it a funky Ghanaian twist.” Kayobi

In the pursuit to find the best t-shirt -ever … I’ve found it …..in the shape of a green ‘Oh Chale’ Women’s t-shirt by kayobi.  -I’m crazy about this t-shirt -and believe its about to become a staple in every fashionista’s wardrobe…

Note they do men's as well -and priced at £25 -its uber reasonable -too.. For more information visit: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kayobi-Clothing/41708022346

P.s you know I’m constantly looking at images of the latest this-and-that -and the just-about-to-launch this and that, -and most of the time, I have to really investigate and scratch out enough information to accompany such post…. -but most frustrating of all -is trying to find beautiful images that I feel are worthy of my blog (you know I like to keep it looking high-end (laughter -come on you know me by now) -and its such a pleasure to have these two images (above) on my blog.

Quality beautiful t-shirts, a real model, fabulous styling and a very good photographer -what a joy and a wonderful breath-of-fresh-air.

To all Ghanaian fashion designers/beauty companies owners/hairstylists/MUA(s) /creatives - out there, do invest in the services of reputable photographers/stylists/hairstylists/MUAs (make-up artists) to achieve the above glossy [photographic] looks …

I very rarely share this, ..but if you’re based in the UK (or at times -Europe & the States) and are a fashion designer (or other fash-industry creatives) -do check out ‘who is testing.com’. -An incredible site for those wanting to up their game -and achieve magazine really promotional images/look books/ professional glossy high-end photo shoots etc - ‘who is testing.com’is a database of uber talented people looking to collaborate. There are others -but what’s truly fabulous about this site is that even though you have to be of high calibre (with some images/portfolio etc) -to get on said site, -many on there are testing or updating their portfolios and will work with you to attain high-fashion images -for next to nothing £££ -if you’re truly hot and are what they’re looking for in terms of clothes/model/MUA etc. Anyway try…because the ‘pedestrian’ images clogging up my mailbox -is getting boring…

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  1. Thanks for the post - We love your site and anticipate the magazine. P.s We are currently having a sale http://shop.kayobiclothing.com/discounts

    Regards Kwabena - Kayobi designer