Friday, 20 April 2012

Pimpamsie Jewellery

So you’ve got to that ‘age’ when you’re tired of throwaway jewellery, tired of cupboards full of plastic/metal bits-and-bobs and you want to simplify your wardrobe/closet and your life…. Well its time to get jewellery savvy -and only buy the ‘real’ thing, -your bank manger will appreciate it…

Its time to think like ‘our’ grandmothers… Remember, they didn’t have lots of jewellery hanging all over the place -but the few pieces they did have -were precious, meant something and could be passed on as heirlooms…

From their lovingly collected bangles and necklaces made with Ghanaian: Aggrey, Akoso, Adjagba and Abo beads -to their regal ‘lost cast’ styled gold collection made from Ashanti Gold…-our grandmothers aimed for quality and not today’s -quantity…

With regards to jewellery, remember whatever your budget, -its first and foremost about how the piece makes you feel and secondly about the investment -note, whether it’s a set of large gold hoop earrings that cost £25.00 from Argos or a £140.00 sterling silver pendent from Tiffany & Co. -its doesn’t depreciate….

Honestly…. Its better to have say, two earrings -one silver stud earring with precious stone detail like a diamond and a large gold hoop earrings and one fabulous gold chain -than a cupboard full of jagger-jagger cheap odds and ends…

So you’re a young lady about to buy your first grown up piece of jewellery -and you want something special…. Why not wait until you hit Ghana -and head to Pimpamsie Jewellery… They offer a bespoke jewellery service -so you can design your own ring etc -something that has meaning (yippee) or buy from their trendy collection of [real 18ct] gold and silver pieces and then have a personal message -say, engraved unto it….

Pimpamsie Jewellery, established in 2009 is an insider secret beloved by Accra’s sybarites and Mr. Martin Mbroh its founder is very passionate about the jewelleries that he makes “for Ghanaians and beyond” and seriously knows his stuff…you can watch him in action via:

I’m a big fan of pendants -they can be worn on any chain -giving you a host of different looks with just one pendant, and Pimpamsie Jewellery’s Sankofa bird on the black stone is lovely. Note, they have displayed the earrings with the pendent but you don’t have to wear them together (tooo matchy, matchy for me)… The blue pendant and the silver set (number three -above) -are also gorgeous. To enquire about the above pieces and more visit:

Pimpamsie Jewellery
Tema Community 9.
Opposite Chasca Pharmacy
P. O. Box CE 12104,

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