Thursday, 19 April 2012

Poqua PoQu’s embroidered wax print cloths are divine …..

Boxing Kitten‘s African wax print shirt and shorts with an embellished design on its back….making the shirt uber special…

After a hundred years in the fashion industry its not only the design of a dress -say, or the cut of a suit, or how elegant a shift dress -fits that attracts me to a collection but -the material its made from…

With over three plus years experience at Ghana Rising blog, -I’ve never come across a collection by a Ghanaian designer that’s dared to go-beyond-the-norm and invest in a varied, more luxurious wax print cotton mix cloth with -say; silk, or linen or viscose, jersey or whatever… Nope, its always the same ole, same ole 100% cotton cloth and you know what… some designers don’t even bother to line their garments.. Anyway I’m excited, I think things are about to change…

I was flicking through fashion label, Poqua PoQu’s facebook photographs and low-and-behold… I stumbled across what can only be described as the beginnings of Ghanaian designers -becoming truly creative/ experimental with Africa’s staple cloth of choice -the wax print -and adding embroidery and embellishment et al to said material.
Thus these embroidered wax print cloths by Poqua PoQu’s make for a much more luxurious, textured feel…

Congratulations then to design label, Poqua PoQu for leading the way; -Ghana Rising hopes to see you pushing boundaries, getting more creative -and experimenting with this common cloths, because the more you do/add to said cloths -more special it becomes…

I’ve included the last photograph above by Boxing Kitten, -an American label that uses Ghanaian/African wax print cloths in an uber modern way because their design team -know their stuff.

Just feast your eyes on the embellished detail at the back of their fabulous shirt -and you suddenly know why celebrities flock to buy/wear their designs, -we can all see the serious amounts of work that’s gone into this garment?…

So here's hoping …we see more Ghanaian designers -working with textile manufacturers in Ghana and beyond to create/improve/innovate the humble Ghanaian/African wax print cloth before using them to design..

Here’s to Ghanaian designers sewing, distressing, knitting, weaving, embellishing, embroidering said garments -and offering us, their discerning clients, -more choices -say, of materials and textures -making whatever they creative, -more special..

For more information about the Poqua PoQu label visit:


  1. wow! beautiful these materials look divine indeed! thanks for sharing!

  2. I love the ideas in this post - I have never thought of adding embellishment to ready-made clothes . What a great way to brighten up some of my old clothes. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Thank you! I have to admit that my embroidery work does not look the same on the back as it does on the front .... however, as I have done more stitching lately, it is looking better on the back. So, I guess all I have to suggest is be patient with yourself and practice! Good luck!!

  4. Just awesome pices of cloth. those cloth as like as luxury wax print