Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Diary: Bethann Hardison’s of Vogue Black brings us her second day of GFDW (Ghana Fashion & Design Week)…….

Today Oct 6th my day started at 11am. I was asked to join a panel to discuss "fashion today". There were a couple of presentations prior to our panel. One was on Ethical Fashion and environmental opportunities, the economy and re-branding of Africa. This is what editor in chief Franca Sozzani is also doing, helping to develop ethical fashion on the continent. Jacqueline Shaw, the presenter, did her homework and then some.

Its a true calling to be inspired and educated in a way to have the desire to save the planet. Ms Shaw, is also self published, as she continues her education, educates others, she maintains a full time design job. Very impressive and I learned a lot. Dr. Richard Boateng with cleaver humor, presented the aspect of technology and how its overuse and lack of use is effecting the African continent. This too was a brilliant presentation, with charts and humorous visuals to help you see how too much use of technology can be a lost and a lost of not using it to your advantage.
Then myself, Nana, Omar and Zandile took the stage to discuss our experiences and how we came to be, what we do or did has brought us to where we are today. Great listening to each of our stories with a very attentive audience.

I happily say, I was a big hit. I too learned a lot from what I had to say. Being and hearing my own answers, tells me who I am today. Its like summing up the life's journey as you continue it. Coming to GFDW is more rewarding then I could have imagined.

Ran out with Zandile, Nana and Osahon, to see and feel Ghana outside of the hotel. We went to Osu. Quickly racing around neighborhoods searching for take-out food. We retrieved a little as we had to return in time for start of the show and had very little time for exploration. But I gained good visuals and saw a small bit of Ghana.

Show time. First designer to show this evening Brigitte Merki mostly evening and cocktail dresses. Collections of Mina Evans, Alali Boutique, 1981 followed. Then came Cocolily who begin to put a bit of a smile on my face because it had been a bit somber until then, especially compared to last night's collections. It builds more as we continue with, Morts & More a menswear suit collection and suits for women. Classic suits, jackets and slacks, shown on barefooted male models. Suits for ladies nicely styled. The presentation was quite good. The sky blue suits for men even worked, afterall its Africa!

At the finale, three college Joe types walked out as the designers, slightly round in statue, but so well suited (dressed) that the presentation proved again to be everything, because this ending impressed the crowd to a standing ovation. I couldn't have agreed more.

So now there is Mimi Lee London, Black Lace and leather dresses was a strong opener and hits of chartreuse yellow chiffon like dresses, were nice in between as well as rayon red prints, a lace see through dress brought the audience to a roar.

AFG-Trade Not Aid presented organic T-shirts representing the ecological and developing trade in Africa is the theme of this of T-shirts business.

Finally Christie Brown with shoes designed by Mosaique. A lovely collection of clothing, as well as the designer shoes. And I discovered a model (I think)...

A lot of good feelings I am having here at GFDW.
Truly nice vibes.

Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: Some time back, I sent a message to Bethann Hardison via facebook (were FB friends) about Ghanaian model GS (I think its best to just use her initials) and didn’t get a reply back, -but that’s alright as Ms Harrison’s a very busy bee!!!

I can just image the amount of emails, messages and posts she get daily from around the world; -from models of colour -wanting to hit-the-big-time…

Anyway, I mention this because I’ve been hoping that some of those fabulous models in Ghana might be spotted by La Harrison on this her first visit to Ghana, -thus I’m very pleased that at the end of day two at GFDW, -Bethann claims to have spotted a model!!!

I’ve got my fingers crossed -and I’m hoping that one of GFDW’s models -is about to have a dreams come through -Amen. Here’s hoping…  For more info about Bethann Hardison visit:

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