Friday, 5 October 2012

Its on ….Ghana Fashion and Design Week is happening right now....…

Love April

Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: Wow... things are truly heating up in Ghana… The first show has just kicked off…featuring Love April (above) -and is, I was told -buzzing…

Rebekah Opuni

Then it was Rebekah Opuni -and the photos below are just a few of the delectable pieces from her collection..

I'm told the room is packed and the crowd look the part -hot!!!…. If my Jojo wasn’t at school in London I’d be there -but the girls are keeping me up-to-date and its all looking very professional and glamorous -Amen…


Anyway, up next is Kachi Designs….

Then ...Duaba Serwa

Then it was uber fabulous new comer Sarah Duah... her designs are made from HAIR...

Please note, -the above photos are just a few of the images coming out of Accra, Ghana -right now!!! I will put up more professional photos and info about each designer at the end of the fashion week… but in the mean time, -to keep up with all the fashionable happenings at GFDW (Ghana Fashion and Design Week) visit their twitter space at:

Other site to visit are:

P.s -I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep -tonight, I’m far tooo excited!!!.. I’ll bring you more info about who made the frow (the front row) and which buyers are in town -tomorrow..-but in the meantime, -do keep your peepers on all the GFDW links above…. Xxx

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