Monday, 22 October 2012

Objects of Desire: Billboard bags by Trashy Bags.....

Out of the 60 Trashy Bags workers we have a small team who have become designers overnight. They are now regularly producing bags like the one you see here. Their designs and the quality of the workmanship is as good as can be found anywhere in the world. Each one is brilliant so please clap for Anas, Derrick, Oboy Sly, Anas, Kingsley, Kwame & Joseph. More about them in later postings.
Made from used billboards and lined with a great African fabric.



Looks like leather, feels like leather but it's not leather. Plastic waste reinvented!


We are now making a fantastic range of messenger bags. This bag is made from a discarded Agape House billboard with a purple batik lining. We hope you 'like' this one too!


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