Monday, 22 October 2012

The 2012 Mo Ibrahim Index of African Governance Data Report (IIAG) has named Ghana as the 7th best governed country in Africa….

“Established in 2007, the IIAG is the most comprehensive collection of quantitative data that provides an annual assessment of governance performance in 52 African countries. Funded and led by an African institution, the IIAG provides a framework and tools for citizens, public authorities and partners to assess progress in governance.

The 2012 IIAG compiles 88 indicators – taken from 23 third-party data providers – which are grouped into 14 sub-categories and four overarching categories and averaged to produce the Composite IIAG. The 2012 iteration of the IIAG includes new indicators in the following areas: revenue collection; literacy; and antiretroviral treatment provision for pregnant women.

The IIAG is currently compiled in partnership with an Advisory Council and a Technical Committee that include experts from a range of African institutions.” (IIAG)

More Info:
• Ghana scores higher than the continental average, which is 51.2

• Ghana scores higher than the regional average for West Africa, which is 51.9

• Ghana is ranked 2nd out of 16 countries in West Africa

• Highest sub-category rank: Rights (3rd)

• Lowest sub-category rank: Infrastructure (29th)

To find find out more about The Ibrahim Index of African Governance (IIAG) visit:


Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: Ghana Scored 66.3% behind Namibia with 69.8%. Mauritius came in first place with 82.8%.

I’m thinking that Ghana’s Infrastructure ranking, -we’re ranked 29th is just about right -but what is our present government going to do about it????

Our GDP per capita (US$) is 1570.1, which isn't bad, -although its nothing compared to Gabon which is quoted as having 11113.9 per capita….. I’m wondering ….do you think ---my father who now resides in Accra can ask the Ghanaian government for $1’570.1 -for his share of Ghana’s GDP per capita??? Also, if you compare the various ranks from 2006 to 2011 -Ghana I’m afraid seems to be sliding downhill/backwards….Do have a look via: -and tell me what you think…..



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