Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Ghana Rising Hearts Papa Oppong

 Duaba Serwa by Papa Oppong…..

Duaba Serwa by Papa Oppong…..



Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: Ghana Rising’s new fashion crush goes by the name of Papa Oppong, and as you can observe from the above images, he’s a fashion illustrator and fashion designer, -and his fierce drawings are most definitely ones to watch-out-for…

I really love Papa Oppong’s work and hope to work with him in the near future. The thing is…the more I look at his designs, through his vast collection of images/drawing/collages, -the more impressed I am..

I want to see his work in magazines, -but as Ghana based magazines don’t have a clue -its hard.. I think that Ghanaian designers need to work with him -too, where would Manolo Blahnik be without his yummy illustrations? I’m guessing that the fashionistas in Ghana don’t fully understand his medium otherwise they’ll be clamouring for his talents -because he is good -and he is probably the only good fashion illustrator in Ghana /west Africa that I know off!!!!!

Also, I’m thinking …….Papa Oppong needs to work with the best printers in Ghana -and turn some of his [art] work into [greetings] cards.. What do you think?

The images of shoes wouldn’t look out of place at any fash-pack birthday party, the bride above would make a fabulous card for a bride to be and the rest? I’d be happy to buy them as post cards and mount them on my wall.. Thus, the first thing Papa Oppong needs to do ….is copyright his designs, get to work -and turn his lovely art form into cash -then expand -globally. Because there are many of us who would pay hard cash for fashionable images of women of colour be it on greetings cards, postcards or posters or wallpaper (hint, hint)..

I hope to see his cards/postcards in a shop near me [in London] soon. For more details about Papa Oppong visit:


  1. You evaluation is correct on ALL accounts! I adore fashion illustrations as you may know Iman is am avid fan of the illustrator Alvaro. Fashion illustrators bring fantasy and endless possibilities! Love love Ghana and there constant innovations!

  2. Wow. Just seeing this. Thank you so much for the love. I really do appreciate it. God bless you!!- P.O

  3. YeAh PaUlInA, yOu aRe vErY RiGhT.PaPa iS gOoD. I EvEn wAnT To sEe mOrE Of hIm. iM HeLpInG BrInG ThEsE GuYs iNtO ThE SyStEm. GhAnA LaCkS ThEm. GhAnA FaShIoN NeEdS ThEm bAdLy.