Saturday, 30 November 2013

Are the forces behind Africa's Next Top Model Sabotaging Ghana's Beautiful Roselyn Ashkar's chances of winning by giving her a 'Ghetto' make-over and making her wear the worst outfits?

Ghana's beautiful Roselyn Ashkar with her 'Ghetto' make-over blonde lace-front monstrosity wearing the worst outfit....

Angola's beautiful Michaela Pinto with elegant dark hair and fab make-up.....and good dress

Uganda's Aamito with elegant dark hair and fab make-up......and a lovely gown..

Nigeria's Opeyemi Awoyomi with high-fashion dark hair in an elegant evening gown...

South Africa's Rhulani Kubayi with dark hair and catwalk ready make-up......and a good dress.


Another very beautiful sister with gorgeous natural hair but dodgy hair colour (???), Mozambique's elegant Safira in a catwalk ready outfit.....but why couldn't they just leave her hair dark???
**Photo Credit: From the album: Epsiode 3: Modelling Thula Sindi at a Charity Fashion Show By Africa's Next Top Model

Paulina says: there are some 'African' based competitions when headed by certain 'African' nationals --you just know Ghana will never win!!!!!

And I'm not saying that's the case with Africa's Next Top Model....... but looking through the latest photos from said show, it appears our uber beautiful, uber tall and elegant Roselyn Ashkar is being sabotaged left, right and centre....

Not only was she given the worst outfit to wear at some event which I believe was "a Charity Fashion Show" but her make-over which regular readers of Ghana Rising blog will know.....I'm not a fan of, looks more 'Ghetto' than high fashion, more 'dancehall' queen than catwalk ready --and I'm it a deliberate attempt to kill our beautiful Roselyn Ashkar's chances of winning????

I'm not saying that the stylists behind Africa's Next Top Model don't understand high-fashion ......but if you look at the rest of the black girls bar another very beautiful sister --
Mozambique's Safira (wink, wink) all the other models of colour have high-fashion glossy black hair and were dresses in better grab..... What's going on????
Africa's Next Top Model ...we are watching you!!!!
Do check out the other contestants outfits via:

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