Monday, 18 November 2013

Object of Desire: Konadu Lemongrass Bar Soap

"Do you have Oily and Acne prone skin? Have you tried different remedies but nothing seems to work effectively? Try Konadu Lemongrass Bar Soap. It is amazing, It is all natural and made with Organic Oils. Use only Konadu Lemongrass Soap to wash your face or your entire body. It is gentle on your skin, cleanses without drying and clears your acne. It smells amazing too!!

 Paulina says: The zeitgeist is au naturale, thus, its all about using gentle and kind organic products for all the family, and the Konadu Lemongrass Bar Soap from the much feted, all natural, handcrafted 'Konadu Body Care by Nature' range is a must...

The Konadu Body Care By Nature range is "inspired by nature, infused with the aromas of botanical essential oils and carefully selected ingredients to not only rejuvenate your skin, but invigorates and inspire your creative senses."

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More Info
Konadu Body Care by Nature began in the heart of Jennifer McGill as she surveyed the array of skin care products she owned. None of them were giving her the flawless skin she recalled having back home in Ghana, West Africa. In Ghana, she made her own skin care products from locally grown, all natural, organic ingredients like coconut oil, palm kennel oil, cocoa butter & shea butter. When she couldn’t find any products that gave her the same results, she decided to create her own using the best of natural ingredients. Jennifer named her business and product line "Konadu" which is her native name, as she desires to share a piece of the rich, colorful and natural beauty of her African homeland by offering high quality products at affordable prices.

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