Friday, 29 November 2013

Fashion Event: MSimps and Heel The World (HTW)'s Christmas Shopping Gala at L'Arte Cafe from Friday 6th December at 10:00am to Saturday 7th December -6:00pm

"Come get your Christmas shopping done in the peaceful oasis of L'Arte Cafe sipping on gingerbread lattes with Christmas music playing in the background. All without a queue in sight.

It's also an opportunity to network with all the amazing people who will be coming. Who knows, you might strike your next business deal right there.

L'Arte Cafe is located in the same premise as Accent & Arts. Landmarks to look out for are Accra Academy School or Cocoa Clinic."

Paulina says: MSimps and Heel The World (HTW)'s Christmas Shopping Event at the fabulous L'Arte Cafe is going to be a blast, and Accra's fashionistas can't wait for the opportunity to buy from two of the most beloved fashion brands in Ghana. For more info and direction visit:


More Info:
The above high heel sandals by MSimps are available soon via:


Heel The World (HTW)
It's complicated. But like love, it is a beautiful thing the HTW Shoeicide Brogues.

You might not always understand us, but you will appreciate our genius. The Two toned Purple. To order a pair visit:

For more info visit:



L'Arte Café



This densely populated neighbourhood was chosen to allow clients and tourists the opportunity to 'enjoy the feel of the community' our gallery has been designed to provide an island of fantasy and magic to our city.

L'arte provides fine dining and first class entertainment to suit your everyday business traveller and tourist. Given the fact that many foreigners coming into the country are looking for an alternative to the 'usual'. Our aim is to cater to that subset of people who want to experience the culture and feel of Ghana but in a safe and uncompromising manner.
Paulina says: L'Arte Café looks absolutely fabulous, a must-visit for all looking new creative hubs to check out in Accra. For more info visit:


For more info and direction visit:

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