Thursday, 7 November 2013

Thinking of investing in a new business in Ghana –visit ‘International Company Profile (ICP)’ first…..

"International Company Profile was established 1982, and is now part of Wilmington Group PLC, a company quoted on the London Stock Exchange. ICP provide credit reports and profiles on companies all over the world especially in the emerging markets. ICP reports are professionally produced, in English, by our multilingual analysts, who have many years’ experience of interpreting commercial information.

•Ownership and Management

•Legal Status and History


•Financial Information

•Credit Appraisal and an Opinion on a Specific or Maximum Credit Level

We offer complete world coverage and make up-to-date investigations on all offline & updated enquiries. There are no pre-paid subscription charges and all our reports are delivered by fax or e-mail. ICP have their own online service covering most companies in the developing." International Company Profile


Paulina says: Thinking of investing in a business in Ghana? Do you truly know enough about said business? Are they who they claim to be? Are they legit? Why not check out their company profile via the ‘International Company Profile (ICP)’ website to see if they are all they claim to be.

Touted as market leaders in world credit information, ICP are a must for all investors in emerging markets and business enthusiasts like me who want more professional information about certain business in Ghana. Providing, "international credit status reports, company profiles and business information" about companies around the globe more info about ICP can be found via:

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