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Business & Innovation: Celebrating Professor Eddie Obeng BSc. MBA. PhD......

Professor Eddie Obeng

Edward (Eddie) David Asihene Obeng is a British educator and author. He is a Professor at the School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Henley Business School and the founder and Learning Director of Pentacle (The Virtual Business School).

Obeng is notable as a pioneer in the field of Project Management and for developing and championing the concept of 'New World Management' as a response to the rapidly accelerating pace of change. He has been described variously as "a leading revolutionary" and "an agent provocateur" by the Financial Times, and by Abbey National as their "secret weapon".

In 1994 he established Pentacle (The Virtual Business School) in order to teach this philosophy and ensure that there was a "continuous link between learning and implementation".

In 2011, Obeng won the Sir Monty Finniston Award for lifetime achievement by The Association of Project Managers for his contributions to the study and practice of Project Management.

Born in Ghana, Obeng was educated at Cranleigh School, at University College London and at the Cass Business School.

His business career started as an engineer at Royal Dutch Shell before he became the youngest Executive Director of a European Business School when he moved to Ashridge Business School in 1987. He established Pentacle (The Virtual Business School) in 1994. He is married and lives in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, UK.

Obeng's concept of the New World proposes that we have moved (as a world) from an age when we could learn faster than our local environment (the 'Old World'), to a new age where the local environment of individuals, organisations and governments changes faster than we can learn (the 'New World').

He argues that as a result of this shift, most of the concepts, best practices and assumptions that we commonly used to plan, manage, lead, organise and govern are obsolete and damaging to the lives of individuals, society and organisations.

Obeng describes this as smart failure for a fast changing world and is perhaps best summarised by Eric Hoffer‟s reflection that "In a time of drastic change it is the learners who inherit the future. The learned usually find themselves equipped to live in a world that no longer exists".

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Paulina says: Professor Eddie Obeng dubbed "The Rockstar of Business Education" is another great Ghanaian that I feel should be back home advising the Ghana's people's government -no? What an incredible charctor.....I can listen to him ----in the above clip film for TED --forever. I now get the 'brain drain' thingy......why are all the talented outside Ghana???
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