Sunday, 17 November 2013

The Asasa Trend: From the streets to the catwalks of Ghana......

Maya Amina Lake's beloved celebrity fashion label 'Boxing Kitten' is very high-end Asasa &

Ghanaian actress Nadia Buari was the first celebrity I saw in high-end Asasa garb, she really was ahead of the crowd. Kudos Nadia.....

Boxing Kitten’s Spring 2013 Oxford Top - &

The beautiful 'Meya' skirt by CJAJ09 is a fabulous example of just how fashionable 'Asasa' has become.. -Order from:


The above maxi skirts by Jardin D’ Eden Fashion House By Gifty Taylor are the perfect example of the Asasa trend as seen on the streets of Ghana -now executed with a modern twist, making it more aspirational and 'current'.. To keep this look chic -you need to keep it simple, just add a crisp white t-shirt, shirt or a racer-back vest and you're ready to go.
 Asasa obi belt..........

The above Asasa boxers are by 'President For Life' and are available via:

Furniture can also be 'Asasa' -This Binta chair by Philippe Bestenheider is very high-end 'Asasa'

Congo Skirts via:


Akilah Shoes by Dionne Gooding --purchase from:

'Asasa' Patchwork Hippie Apron - Pockets - African Wax Print - Ghana --available from:

This apron is a unique work of art; no two aprons are alike. It is handcrafted with care by a Master Seamstress, assisting in the development of the tailors and seamstresses at the Volta School for the Deaf in Hohoe, Ghana, West Africa. This apron is made using pieces of traditional African Wax Print cotton cloth. It has two large pockets below the waist. It is machine washable. Proceeds from this sale go to the development of the Volta School for the Deaf.


The Limited Edition "Tamla" shoe by Dionne Gooding is very high-end 'Asasa'  -


High end fashion label Moschino SS13 collection was very 'Asasa' with many pieces made from various clashing prints.....

Paulina says: I very rarely write about trends that 'Bubble-up' from the streets of Ghana ending up in the full-to-bursting closets of the nation's 'hidden rich' on La Ghana Rising Blog but I'm plesaed to share with you what 'Joy FM News' (ABN Sky 290) is calling the 'Asasa' Trend...

The 'Asasa Trend' is a name given to garments made from remnants of leftover Ghanaian wax print cloths, a fad that was once the preserve of the poor, -is now uber fashionable having lost its 'street' tag -making its way unto the catwalks and into the wardrobes of the nations most fashionable.

I'm excited about this trend as its good to see something bubbling up- instead of always trickling down -but note, it doesn't have to second best or end up like a craft work, patchwork thingy..

Its important to modernise your Asasa pieces, so you don't end up looking like a clown, and you can only do this by keeping it high-end, simple and chic..
Its probably best to use two or three different prints and clash them stylishly, keeping everything else very chic and simply, think Maya Amina Lake's beloved celebrity fashion label 'Boxing Kitten' and you start to get a clearer picture of which side of the Asasa trend works for right now...

P.s ...Its time for me to sound off again.... What is ankara? It certainly isn't Ghanaian!!! I am soooo bored and tired of inferior Ghanaians calling good ole Ghanaian wax print cloths -especially the ones made in Ghana -Ankara... The word Ankara is not Ghanaian -and doesn't promote Ghana.. Please let us learn to celebrate our own..... If you haven't already noticed, I have stopped promoting Ghanaian designers who call their wax prints --Ankara.. I just can't abide that level of inferiority..... Just saying...

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