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Design & Architecture: The Riviera by Dream Realty.....

 An artist impression of the floors of the hotel

Closer view showing the hotel and a block of the apartment

The bungalow block

 The hotel block

Back view of the project showing the apartments and hotels

Riviera hotel project

Paulina says: We've are heard about Dream Realty's Octagon Business Centre but what of its much anticipated 'Riviera' hotel and apartment block complex? The following info was found on Dream Realty's website:

The Riviera project located right in the centre of town will be one of the prime and most sought after apartment and hotel facility in Ghana.

The development consists of two separate blocks of 17 storey buildings made up of a selection of 4 and 5 bedroom apartments, all completed to European finish.

Found in between is another block making up an 80 room, 5 star hotel facility and flanked on each side by 12 serviced bungalows.

Situated off the Accra High Street in the centre of the Millennium city the Riviera is a few minutes' walk from major land marks including bank head offices, the Octagon Centre and the Independence Square.

Being a beach front property, clients have free access to the wide sandy beach and enjoy the panoramic view of the clear blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

The building and facilities consist of:

- Properties completed according to A1 European finishing standards
- Large swimming pool including children's section
- Children's play area
- Fully equipped gymnasium
- Satellite TV, telephone and internet connection points in all properties
- Pre-installation of air conditioning
- Elevators to all floors
- Manned 24 hour gated security
- Full maintenance and repair service
- Regeneration / decoration programmed on a 3 years frequency
- All facilities are run and managed by developer to maintain quality of service


Paulina says: It all sounds lovely, but we will just have to wait and see... As always, its got me thinking about Kumasi. When will Kumasi start to see this level of development? mind you some will argue never mind development -what about indoor toilets??
The thing is.....I feel like the gods-that-be in Kumasi have really let the people down. Since all the buzz created about I think it was called 'Sunshine City' -there's been nothing else said.
It appears certain peoplessssss were waiting on the late Colonel Gaddafi to sponsors such Kumasi developments but now that its very clear ...its never going to happen, -I guess for those of us embarrassed by our one-city-state status or whatever, we will have to keep our eyesssss on the the City-of Oil, aka Oil City Takoradi (

For more info about The Riviera hotel project by Dream Realty visit:

More info about Dream Realty
Dream Realty is a Real Estate Development company based in Ghana with a long, diversified and multi-disciplinary experience in building. A joint venture between the Beirut-based Jamil Ibrahim Establishment and the renowned Interplast Limited of Accra, Dream Realty is committed to bring engineering vision into the reality of an ever-evolving world. Through planning, design, and implementation and a hallmark of quality, every project is considered with the same scrupulous dedication to deliver highly qualified aesthetic construction standards.

Dream Realty transcends the basic notion of a Real Estate Developer to become more of a community builder and an urban city specialist. We are committed to establishing and incorporating innovative business solutions in the Real Estate Development sector, by introducing new business ventures and partnerships based on mutual trust, individual integrity and acute professionalism.

Dream Realty’s projects are conceived through cultural appeals and integrated urban designs, with a deep understanding and rooted feel for environmental factors. Nowadays, design relies upon a fusion between originality and modernity, the latest in materials’ technology and best in construction techniques: everything that Dream Realty provides. Indeed, there is a perpetual need to compromise between modern building aesthetics and optimal space utilization, providing you the investor with the best possible options in quality and returns.

Dream Realty is engaged today in a variety of prime projects that will redefine the settings they are in. The company is forever dedicated to providing a secure and optimal investment, a distinguished and singular product and a place for people to call home.

The Octagon

The Octagon is located next to the newly built City Hall in the heart of Accra Central, surrounded by most major banks’ headquarters, Ghana’s main courthouses, as well as Cedi House- the Ghana Central Bank. It can be conveniently accessed from the famous Independence Avenue and Barnes Street and stands right across the street from prestigious 5-star hotels such as the Novotel, Movenpick Ambassador, as well as the new Riviera Hotel.

Twenty minutes from the airport, the Octagon Business Center is also within walking distance of the city’s famous Independence Square, Accra Stadium and the majestic ocean front.

The Octagon is revered as the foremost property of its kind in the capital city- and across the region.

Paulina says for more info about The Octagon visit:


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