Tuesday, 3 December 2013

For the yummiest, prettiest cakes in Accra head to Joyful Cakes....

Check out these yummy, uber pretty and elegantly decorated cupcakes by Joyful Cakes.....

I'm loving this yummy, elegant 2 tier Grecian inspired ruffle cake, with red velvet and chocolate baileys by Joyful Cakes.....

How pretty are the cakes above by Joyful Cakes.....

"All about the details. Original flavours. Custom cakes and cupcakes. Dessert tables for weddings & events." Joyful Cakes

Paulina says: Ooh-la-la...... Joyful Cakes' cakes are sooooo pretty.... Do you have a girly function coming up? Are you thinking of throwing a party for a friend --a bridal shower say, or just a small party for a childhood friend who has passed her law exam, whatever it is -I'm positive Joyful Cakes' uber pretty, uber girly yummy cakes and cupcakes will add sparkle to your lively celebrations.....

I love the way they embellish their cakes. All those bold colour popping patterns, waves and swirly icing -and attention to detail -all makes Joyful Cakes' the go-to cake makers of choice in Accra...

Also, feast your eyes on Joyful Cakes' elegant 2 tier Grecian inspired ruffle wedding' cake above, I'm thinking they are also a must for weddings... no?
For more info or to place an order visit: https://www.facebook.com/joyfulcakesgh


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  2. After three personal orders from joyful cakes. I felt it was time to write and official review.

    First Order: I placed an order. Paid for it as requested. I picked it. The guys loved it and I gave her my glowing review via text.

    Second Order: I placed an order to be delivered to a friend on her birthday. I made payment as requested way in advance because I knew I was busy during that period. The day of the birthday came and after receiving no information about my delivery, I called Joyful cakes around 4:00 pm. She told me she has forgotten but was working on it and will get it delivered before the night ends. The assurance being the cake would be delivered on the birthday as requested. She called the birthday lady to tell her that she will deliver the next day. To make it up. Joyful cakes sent the birthday girl another delivery to make up for their ....

    Third order: I ordered a cake for my dad's birthday party. I had a discussion with joyful cakes and we came to a conclusion. The cake was not up to what I expected. There was an inscription "Happy Birthday Daddy" written on it. The font size was quite tiny for a large cake. I did not ask for an inscription. The cake was to be delivered at 4:00 pm. At 3:30 pm I got a text telling me that the cake would be delivered at 4:30 due to delays. I got the cake at 7:00 pm. To top it off. The red velvet part of the cake was not as good as my first order. The first order was my reason for going back.

    I do appreciate a good thing when I see it and I am willing to pay for it. Unfortunately it seems Joyful cakes like most Ghanaian businesses does not recognize the importance of good customer service.

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