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Healthcare: Celebrating Esther Ogara........

Esther Ogara

Title: Esther Ogara is a positive force for advancement in Kenya
Dated: 14-11-13

Esther Ogara is distinctively African. She was born in Ghana, settled in Kenya, and travels regularly throughout sub-Saharan Africa. She is at once a formidable task master, a passionate healthcare advocate, a caring friend and loving mother. There is no surprise that she has been a driving force behind eHealth in Kenya.

Esther has been at the forefront of Kenya’s eHealth development for many years. Her first major achievement was leading the development of Kenya’s national eHealth strategy and the National Health Training policy. August 2011 saw the launch of the eHealth strategy. It set a new standard with wide-ranging acknowledgement in Africa and abroad. She coordinated its implementation and is now developing the Ministry of Health’s national research strategy.

Before her eHealth days, she worked for the Ministry of Health in various capacities in health and healthcare for more than two decades she led the development of the maternal, obstetric and neonatal guidelines which are currently used to manage maternal and neonatal health in Kenya.  As if this is not sufficient, she is a member of Kenya Red Cross Society Health Committee, the Kenya Medical Association, Public Private Partnership Health Kenya Committee, a founding member of Telehealth Society of Kenya (TSK) and its treasurer. There are still only 24 hours in each day, and there is more. Esther is also a member of the Review of Health Related Law Committee and part of the team developing the National Unique Person’s Identifier for Kenya. The Committee role is to review all the health laws in Kenya.

Esther is highly qualified. She is a Medical Doctor, holds a degree in general medicine, has advanced diplomas in Public Health and Health Systems Management and been part of the Strategic Leadership Development Program. While professionals like Esther remain in leadership positions, Kenya’s eHealth development is certain to advance.


Paulina says: I am beyond inspired by Esther Ogara and want to know more about this incredible anyone who is passionate healthcare in Africa and is doing something about it -must be celebrated.... Kudos Esther Ogara..... For more info visit:

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