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Music: Celebrating Charlotte Dada –A Ghanaian Female Music Icon….


Don't Let Me Down - Charlotte Dada (Ghana 1971)

Do listen to the above song via:

Charlotte Dada - Don't Let Me Down (Ghana 1971) - (Beatles Cover)
Oh my goodness –what an incredible voice!! Do visit the following link to hear the fab cover of the Beatles’ Don't Let Me Down recorded in Ghana in 1971 by Charlotte Dada

The Cool Blaze Band featuring Charlotte Dada


"Charlotte Dada: The Girl with the Golden Voice, a title she has more than justified since she started off her career with the Uhuru Dance Band early in the 1960's. She sang also with Franco and the Walking Shadows before breaking off as a freelance solo artist, recording with Leader of Uhuru Dance Band Stan Plange and his Experimental Group as well as with the Britain-based group; the Cool Blaze."

Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: Have you ever had one of those moments when you’re enjoying one song or another and all of a sudden in the mist of all that fabulousness you hear, "Apiatus in da mix" and you’re left cold (mercy)!!!!

Thankfully you get none of that …@*&%$$@ ….with Charlotte Dada’s legendary ‘fine vintage wine music’ –which just gets better and better with age... 

I’m afraid the recently passed Charlotte Dada is a mystery to me!!! Way before her time, I've only just discovered Charlotte Dada's earth shatteringly sweet and epic (a word my Jojo likes using- right now) music and her voice has blown me away.......

The late great Charlotte Dada might be uber new to la Ghana Rising’s radar –but we are now convinced that she is probably the best Ghanaian female musician that ever walked the earth...
Honestly a busy single mother juggling all sorts (and I mean all sorts) I could never do Charlotte Dada justice, I simply don't know enough -so I will keep my rumblings short and to the point. I feel sooooo sad that this icon, this colossal ‘Ghanaian talent, this female vocal legend has passed away before the likes of me knew her music or her story -and pray that those with 'real' talent can do her justice...

I want to read about this great talent, I want to know her story and most importantly, I hope that the Ghana's peoplesssss has celebrated her enough, if not, we must do soooo now... because we never hear about our female musicians -do we?

To.....Charlotte Dada the best ever Ghanaian female musician that ever lived…………thank you for being soooo

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