Thursday, 26 December 2013

Objects of Desire: Bohten Sunglasses......


"Designed in Canada, African inspired, Bôhten is committed to producing quality eyeglasses made from reclaimed material sourced in Ghana." Bohten

Paulina says: Omgoodness I'm in love... I'm in love with Nana Osei's must-have, uber feted eco-luxury eyewear line Bohten.....

A fash-pack fave, Bohten Sunglasses are lovingly made from wood waste-products from Ghana, thus are as eco-friendly as they are stylish, and I'm predicting..............brand Bohten is about to become the Next-Big-Thing... mark it on the wall (Ghana styleee)!!! Bohten sunglasses...... are about to go stellar in 2014.....

For more info or to buy a pair of Nana Osei's Bohten sunglasses visit:


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