Thursday, 16 January 2014

Are you in Ghana? Are you looking for the perfect hair salon for your natural tresses? Head to 'Black Cotton Natural Hair & Beauty Salon' in Dzorwulu, Accra.....

Black Cotton - A plain canvas for a myriad of styles. Be Nappy and Proud!

Embrace Your Natural Grey!

Black Cotton Natural Hair & Beauty Salon's lovely interiors.....

"Red carpet treatment. Complimentary drink. Luxe décor. It’s is all part of the Black Cotton experience. Our first class service and furnishing reflects your personality, style and taste. It’s the modern non-stuffy salon alternative. Our exclusive VIP suites are the perfect escape for pampering worthy for an A-Lister. We have lather lounges, with ergonomic chairs and laid back comfort. What’s there not to love? We are fully equipped for all Sisterlocks; Natural Hair Care; Manicures & Pedicures; Perfect Grooming and Body Bliss Services." Black Cotton Natural Hair & Beauty Salon
Paulina says: I've done it...... I've finally shaven all my hair off and I'm as bald as a coot and loving it. I've been wanting to simplify, pare down and have the ability to wash-n-go for years and I've finally done it and I'm sooo proud of myself.

I feel cleaner, more naked , more authentically me ( like I have nothing to hide -I guess what you see is now what you get) and probably more stylish and sleeker -than ever. Plus, I'm not being funny or judging others here but I can't imagine going back to chemicals or hair extensions -I feel sooo free even though my first trip out with my new look felt like a baptism of fire..... the thing can not be a wall-flower with bald hair!!!!

I'm not going to say it was easy, as like most women I felt like......a lot of my femininity was tired into my having long luscious glossy black hair, plus like many, I've been under the illusion that men prefer long hair -----but this is soooooo not true!!!

Young, old, black or white -I've been fending off attention (yer right), I've had strangers coming up to me to compliment me -and its sooo lovely, just what self-esteem needed.

I think I probably had some weird perceptions, my own insecurities about the types of sisters had bald hair --but its been a progressive evolution of what I can only describe as my truth -almost like this is the look heaven had always had in mind for me, and as I've said before, --I'm loving it.

Of course I'm under no illusion that my new hair style is a bold statement... I'm sure some judge me before they know me, but I guess we all do it..... I wonder if I appear harder less soft then I really am, but mostly, I still feel feminine and I must confess, I've upped my make-up regime and have as all new comers to shorter hair, .......had to make sure that my skin is like butter... Plus, whether I like it or not ---my new hairstyle demands attention, thus, I think it might (please heaven) help me to loose weight this 2014 (mercy)....

Anyway I'm going on and on because I asked my good friend, Ms 'Accra Socialite' where on earth some one like me (and yousssss) --go in Ghana when we have to keep our natural hair healthy ----and without any hesitation she said it can only be the ----Accra's fashion Elite insider-must-go 'Black Cotton Natural Hair & Beauty Salon' situated at, "No. 3 Sapele Link (enter Dzorwulu from World Miracle Church (Perez Church) junction near the railway. Look out for Fidelity Bank on your left and take the turn immediately after Unique Floral on the left. You will see the Black Cotton sign at the junction.)"

Like-the-who's-who of Accra's fabulously evolved uber hidden ladies-who-lunch, 'Black Cotton Natural Hair & Beauty Salon's chic clients include the first-this-and-first-that's (wink wink), the Ghanaian Glitterati, the academic set and Accra's growing chichi expat community..

Exclusive but comfortable, please note, 'Black Cotton Natural Hair & Beauty Salon' is a one stop haven for all things beauty and well-being, --all about enhancing your natural hair, nails, facial and body treatment services et al..

Black Cotton Natural Hair & Beauty Salon also stocks fash-pack favourites must-haves including: the Dermalogica range, OPI nail-care et al and the Una Phytology range, which is feted for preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth, -all offered in a lush, serene setting including "luxurious and private VIP suites."

With regards to appointments, 'Black Cotton Natural Hair & Beauty Salon' offers a 'service by appointment only' thus, I suggest you telephone them before hand...via the number given on their website or FB page. I'm afraid I no longer post telephone numbers or email addresses on La Blog because there are a few pond-life-er who like to abuse them...
For more info about 'Black Cotton Natural Hair & Beauty Salon' visit: &


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