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Rosa Whitaker and Archbishop Duncan Williams make 'African Power Couples' List.......

Archbishop Duncan Williams and Rosa Whitaker make 'African Power Couples' List.......

Title: Africa’s Top Power Couples
Dated: August 29, 2013

From doctor turned fashion doyenne, a man of the cloth leading a mega church in Ghana, Africa’s richest woman who started her first business at age 24, and a First Gentleman who once participated in the Olympic Games – it’s no secret that Africa is filled with successful and inspirational individuals.

They come from various parts of the continent, span across sectors, with varied interests – from business, politics, fashion and philanthropy. Sometimes when such people meet and marry, the result is a Power Couple!

The couples below have been selected from across the continent and were married and or engaged to the best of our knowledge at the time of publication of this article. (To qualify as a Power Couple, each individual must be powerful in their own right, with a source of power that is independent from their powerful spouse).

7. Rosa Whitaker and Archbishop Duncan Williams; Ghana

It should be no surprise that Rosa Whitaker and Archbishop Duncan Williams met in church, as they both view their careers as callings from God, rather than work. It was a Sunday, in Ghana, in 2003. Rosa had recently launched her company, The Whitaker Group (TWG), and was in West Africa to visit one of her clients, the Ghanaian government. Though African American, Rosa Whitaker earned her place on the list of “African Power Couples” because of her tireless work for, and on, the continent.

She has extensive knowledge of Africa trade and investment and is credited as being the architect of the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA), the US government’s first comprehensive Africa trade policy.

Through the trade deal she worked out between the US and Africa, Africa has exported nearly $70 billion in products to the US, which in turn has created jobs for tens of thousands of Africans across the continent, and provided for lasting impact on countless African families and communities.

Recently named one of the 100 Most Influential Africans, Ghanaian Archbishop Duncan Williams is head of the Christian Action Faith Ministries based in Accra, Ghana with over 300 affiliate churches across North America, Europe and Africa. Often called “Papa”, the charismatic leader is also Chancellor of Dominion University College in Ghana, which he helped establish.

With the Bishop based in Ghana, and Rosa based in Washington, the two often travel together to create “us” time. Rosa says that in lieu of long vacations, they “often take short breaks consisting of spas and restful retreats around the world on the margins of our work”.

The couple opted for “a small, quiet and intimate wedding” at their home in Maryland, inviting only close family and friends. The love lesson they preach? “We have committed our marriage to a purpose greater than ourselves—and that’s the secret. Of course, we love each other deeply and are the very best of friends. We also respect, honor and love the purposeful work we each perform.”


Paulina says: Wow this is a real departure for me because I've only ever felt lead to celebrate two of Ghana's men of God, firstly inventor Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo Kantanka ( of Kristo Asafo -Christ Reformed Church and secondly, Pastor Eastwood Anaba ( -the humble senior pastor of Fountain Gate Chapel in Bolgatanga, Ghana...

I've had the pleasure of meeting Pastor Eastwood Anaba who has visited my church on numerous occasions, and have found him beyond humble, plus, he is an incredible man who lost two daughters in a road accident in 2009 in Ghana --and has continued to hold to 'God's unchanging hands' -and the fact that Pastor Eastwood Anaba hasn't been tempted to leave Bolgatanga, northern Ghana and set-up-shop in trendy Accra -keeps him and his wife in my heart and prayers -always, I just love them...

Anyway... I have departed for a second because I stumbled upon the above text about Rosa Whitaker and Archbishop Duncan Williams via the ever fabulous 'Afritorial' website with regards to 'Africa's Top Power Couples' which funny enough includes: Isabel dos Santos and Sindika Dokolo of Angola (I'm not a fan), Dr. Precious Moloi-Motsepe and Patrice Motsepe of South Africa (I am a huge fan of Dr. Precious Moloi-Motsepe) and Graça Machel and the late great Nelson Mandela of South Africa /Mozambique -and just had to share, plus, from the little I've read, it appears, "African American, Rosa Whitaker earned her place on the list of "African Power Couples" because of her tireless work for, and on, the continent" -thus, I'm now intrigued and I'm left wondering about her husband Archbishop Duncan Williams -if he might be doing stuff for Ghana (come on know how I feel about Ghanaian/African men of God, you know very well that I don't believe they have Ghana or Africa or their congregation's interest at heart).... Still its very interesting -no?
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