Saturday, 11 January 2014

Ghana Hearts Benjamin Clementine, Music's Next Big Thing.....

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"Benjamin Sainte-Clementine (b. 7 December 1988)[1] is an English singer and songwriter. He grew up in North London before moving to France and subsequently had a breakthrough performance on the British television programme Later With Jools Holland. He has been particularly praised for his powerful vocal skills and charisma on-stage."


Paulina says: I might as well jump on the bandwagon -and proclaim Benjamin Clementine as the next-big-thing in, dot, dot....the next big thang in the world --full stop!!!

This Ghanaian-born brother who plays the piano and sings like the second coming of Nina Simone, with all the drama of a male Marlene Dietrich -first came to my attention via the Evening Standard's 'The 14 for 2014' faces to watch piece.... last week and since checking out his 'Cornerstone' tune -his incredible stick-in-the-throat-knife-in-the-heart song, his voice, verve and story ---have been on my mind... Plus we both have soooooo much in common that ------------ he has truly touch me on some spiritual level, but I'll leave that there.

I love people getting their dues, and I love that God/Heaven has conspired to Bless Benjamin Clementine -and wish and pray every success for this incredible talent.

Its amazing really..... but I bet there are many -who once didn't acknowledge this guy's talent, many to whom Benjamin Clementine was once invisible --who will be falling over themselves to be in his light... You go Benjamin Clementine, you deserve this success and more. To download Benjamin Clementine's soul stirring 'Cornerstone' et al visit:

For more info about Benjamin Clementine (I love his name -don't you?) visit:

Do read the following Evening Standard interview -its beyond

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