Friday, 24 January 2014

Ghana Rising Blog's One-to-Watch 2014: Delay (and her best quotes)

"The best revenge is looking good." Delay


"Rich people's party is sweet." Delay


"Ghanaians can't stand the truth!! May God judge us all." Delay


"I am who I am. I like what I like. I love who I love. I do what I want. Get off my back and deal with it. It's my life, not yours." Delay


"Still at work. more than tired. dear God please come to my rescue." Delay


"Men always know who their hearts belong to. If u like cook chicken in diamond sauce or do Gorilla style in bed. If its not u, Its not u!!!" Delay



1. Dont be in a hurry to move out of ur parents house.
2. Dont wait for a man b4 u start living. U can live a fulfilled life as a single woman.
3. Stay away from alcohol. It has killed others and u are not special.
4. Dont entertain a wrong number call, especially at night. Its not the right way to find lover.
5. Develop a healthy eating habit. Always take breakfast and avoid sweets.
6. Dress well: impression count. People will judge u by d way u dress even b4 dey talk to u.
7. Dont use sex as proof of love. Sex is no proof of love, he'll leave u after the sex.
8. Dont marry for the money, else u'll become 1 of his possessions.
9. Add value to yourself - get a career. Dont be fooled that a man will solve all your problems.

10. Beauty is not everything. If its all you have, u'll loose ur place to some1 less beautiful bat more matured and competent.
Pls rward this to as many women and girls as possible to help spread the message." Delay


"Delay is the brand, Deloris is the human being. Only God can judge Deloris." Delay


"Attitude kills the enemies." Delay


"Thank God for Nine West." Delay


"Bitches will become believers." Delay


"Dating a successful guy doesn't make you successful.... Success is not sexually transmitted." Delay


"I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet!!!" Delay


"Girls LOVE surprises. Surprise your girl this Valentine by introducing her to your real Girlfriend!!!" Delay


"Petty tyrants, critics and people ridiculing and parodying u, is a sign that your work is significant and also threatening."


Paulina says: Not only is Delay the 'Baddest Gal' in Ghana, -you have to be to come back from that errrm Wanlov scandal thingy in conservative Ghana, but this radio and TV personality, actress, TV/Radio producer, writer and business woman -is a woman who creates opportunities for others especially for other women and I'm fast becoming her number one fan...

The ever comedic Delay is also a fountain of wisdom and the best advice -ever, just check out, ""Girls LOVE surprises. Surprise your girl this Valentine by introducing her to your real Girlfriend" -how fabulous is she!!!!

A sort of a Ghanaian Wendy Williams, I think Delay is fantastic, has paid her dues and is definitely 'one to watch out for in 2014' --but mostly, her Facebook fan page is a must for all who love strong Ghanaian women, fab humour and want to be inspired on a daily basis...

I must take this opportunity to acknowledge that in the past I was the first to say that delay wasn't Ghana Rising material --but really, she kicks arse, calls it as it is, has given numerous people opportunities --especially on TV plus, she may not be a Menaye Donkor in the style stakes but you know what ............she's fabulous and an inspiration and I wish her more success for, (and I'm sure it was aimed at the likes of me).....Delay said, "Bitches will become believers" --and you know what ---I believe!!!!!

To keep up with Ghana Rising fave, Delay visit:

**All Quotes & photos come courtesy of Delay FB Page....

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