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Food: Tuleka Prah's 'My African Food Map' helping to make African food more accessible.......

Jollof Rice: A West-African staple.

My third round (beans and fried plantain with avocado on the side) This black-eyed pea sauce is usually eaten as an accompaniment to fried plantain. I can't tell you how delicious it is. Soon, you too can make it at home!


  Waakye - rice and brown beans served in green leaves

Waakye with a little chili sauce...


Light Soup with chicken: A delicious way of flushing out cold or flu.


Fufu is a "dumpling-type" food which one usually eats with soups. On the day this photo was taken, we ate it with light soup, a recipe which will be featured on here in a few weeks.

To make fufu, you can use boiled plantain, cassava and/or cocoyams. And before the availability of powdered plantain or cocoyam, one could make fufu by using mashed potatoes and adding potato starch to it, if you couldn't make the pounded version.

Outside of Ghana you can buy it in a package and prepare it as instructed on the box. If however you live here, you can pound it yourself. I'll post a video of this later. It's quite a skill!

Prekese is used to treat an array of ailments such as arthritis and other inflammatory diseases. Rich in vitamins, it's used as a dietary supplement and for diabetic and cardiovascular treatment. It's also said to be good for reducing hypertension.

The pod, the bark and the fruits of the tree that it comes from have its uses. The picture above was taken at the Azmera restaurant. The pod is being used as a natural fragrant. Apparently, the fruit is used to season certain dishes and when dried, is added to soaps because of its alleged antimicrobial qualities. It's a pretty amazing tree!

**Credit: All Photos come courtesy of © My African Food Map 2012.....


Paulina says: I stumbled upon an insightful interview with Ghanaian-South African, film-maker Tuleka Prah about her yummy 'My African Food Map' project -via: -and just had to know more.

I've watched Tuleka Prah's clean, sleek and simple to understand collection of videos featuring how to make favourites like Jollof rice, and found it very difficult to tear myself away from the beautifully shot 'My African Food Map' photographs on her Facebook especially the ones taken in Ghana, she also has lovely photos of Kenyan food.

I love Tuleka Prah's attention to detail, beautiful images and how accessible she makes African food especially delicious Ghanaian food -to Africans and beyond.. For more info about Tuleka Prah's yummy Food Map visit: and -to check out the rest of the beautifully shot photos in Ghana & Kenya....


More info:
My African Food Map is an ongoing series, dedicated to introducing and making popular cuisine from Africa accessible to you, through our video uploads.

Focusing on one country at a time, we will dedicate a month to showcasing four popular dishes by uploading one, ±4-minute film per week, for the duration of that month. Each dish will be introduced through local food enthusiasts, so we know that we will be getting a very special perspective on the way it is prepared and how it is best enjoyed.

Alongside the video feature, we may also upload a "my VOICE" featurette, which will accent the main dish by, for example, pointing to any alternative information about its origins, or alternate preparatory methods - or basically any train of thought that the feature stimulates! Your comments on both uploads will always be welcome and we will look forward to hearing from you!

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