Friday, 17 January 2014

Great British Bake Off: Ruby Tandoh lands a book deal

Great British Bake Off finalist Ruby Tandoh has signed a book deal to release her recipes.

Great British Bake Off finalist Ruby Tandoh has landed a book deal for her recipes as publishers battled to sign her up.

Her debut, called Crumb, will be published in September by Chatto and Windus who called her a "major new food writer".

Ruby Tandoh, who was still studying for her degree in philosophy and art history at University College London, lost out to Frances Quinn in the final of the popular BBC show.

She became involved in an online spat with chef Raymond Blanc after he posted a message suggesting she was "so thin" that he doubted her love of food, and also criticised her on-screen tears.
Ms Tandoh later hit back to blast the "lazy misogyny" which she said had been directed towards the show.

She said she was " overjoyed" to be working on the book.

"Although I've only been baking in earnest for a couple of years now, this book will be the product of a lifetime of poring through weekend recipe supplements, scrawling notes in cookbooks, sketching cakes in homework margins and stopping at the window of every bakery I've ever passed," she added.

Her new publisher - which said there was a nine-way battle for her signature - said: "Unfussy yet delectable, this is an irresistible baking book for novices and seasoned bakers alike, written with true passion and flair."

Nana Aba says: Fab news, can't wait to check out Ruby's recipes.........


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  2. Greetings Ghana Rising,

    In 2012, your article ( raised the question of whether my wonderful cousin, Ruby Tandoh, has any Ghanaian ancestry in her, and when I commented in her defence, at least one commentator, responded with derision. It’s good to note that in 2014, Ghana Rising has moved forward to positively focus on her then, first publication, Crumb. More recently, in 2016, Ruby has gone onto publish ‘Flavour, Eat what you want’, and amongst other commitments, has also written numerous food-related articles, including ‘Soup For The Soul’, in the online magazine, Suitcase ( Here she writes candidly and touchingly about exploring her West African/Ghanaian heritage through the preparation of a traditional Ghanaian dish, Groundnut Soup and Fufu, from recipes suggested by my mother, and me.
    The last paragraph, for me, poignantly sums up Ruby’s illuminating journey, “The voice I’m finding is Ghanaian and British – soft, faltering, abrupt and firm all at once. I find strength in it, one bowl of groundnut soup at a time. It’s worth a read.
    Grace Quansah (Akuba).