Wednesday, 7 December 2011

My thoughts as we approach Christ-Birthday 2011 and the new year….

You know…the longer it takes to publish my mag, the more I divulge (laughter) and the more lazy people copy my work and credit it as their own! Copying and pasting my work, unchanged and unedited -word for word oohh Ghanafuo -when will we change?

Its amazing how many prominent people email me to say thanks or enquire about stuff I’ve written about -but when I celebrate those on their-way-up …there’s nothing….no thanks, no whys -just nothing.. -not that I write to-get-feedback but its soo lovely when well brought up folks take time out from their busy schedules to say hello, or thanks or ask me the same ole question -do they pay you for this (laughter) -note if they [Ghanaians] did pay -pigs will fly -right?

Honestly, I do this because Ghana/Ghanaians are my passion (heaven help me) and believe it or not -I’m also learning as I type away at my lovely little antique desk, its early Victorian. In between being (I hope a good) child-of-God, being a good mother to my gorgeous son -King Jojo Alexander(the great) -and working on my mag (The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want oOOo) -I love to research, poke and scratch-about for the latest buzz concerning the Ghanaian community -wherever its may be-Ghanaians are found in every country (goggle Papua New Guinea).

I also pray for Ghana -and pray salvation/success/long life into everyone I mention on the pages of Ghana Rising -and you know what? I’ve seen miracles happen via this Blog.

I’ve written about people no one’s heard off -mentioned businesses, given exposure to designers, musicians -most because I truly believe -their hot, -and overnight -things have happened for them (to-God-be-the-glory Amen). Some have had major opportunities come their way, others have been asked to do interviews and some have been written about -but mostly, many gain confidence and become the man or woman that they were destined to be. Some have even found their voice -and others have been inspired to follow suit -and have start their own blogs -and some have become friends (Facebook or otherwise). Yep…I love this Blog.

I know of newspaper journalists in Ghana and beyond who refuse to start their day without a visit to Ghana Rising, and bloggers and publications, award ceremonies that visit this blog looking for folks to celebrate. So hopefully you now know why I continue to do this, -plus as I‘ve said before, -I love it.

I also know the impact its had on [some of] the Ghanaian public and beyond,-and I have the emails to prove it etc -but apart from loving it -mainly I do it because someone has too!! Someone has to celebrate all the wonderful things that we Ghanaians are achieving -worldwide. Someone has to let the world know, whether by googling, stumbling across it or enquiring about it -that we Ghanaians are relevant, significant, movers and shakers -both in Ghana and on the worlds stage and that we are a proud nation with incredible history and culture -and as the BBC stated, “many of what the world perceives as African” -does and will always come from Ghana.

For our part [Ghanaians] my prayers as we approach Christ-Birthday 2011 and the new year, -is that we -up our game paaaa… Feeling threatened by talented people -because you got your position the SAKAWA way doesn’t mean that -those truly talented people are going to go away. Blocking the way of good people because you feel threatened by them doesn’t mean that they will not rise up, limiting others because you have eaten their money, employing your own -even though you know they don’t have the right qualifications or skills -doesn’t mean that the rightful person will not make -it!

Note, Ghanaian ‘dream-killers’ -those corrupt haters-of-progress, I truly believe that in 2012 -you’ll be exposed. I truly believe that Ghanaian society’s going into a more transparent phase -Amen ..and its meritocracy/talent/God’s grace and not fear/hate/prejudices that will determine how far the ordinary man and woman in Ghana will go in 2012 -Amen.

I pray also for a better Ghanaian Tourist Board or Authority or whatever they are calling themselves. I hope to see a publication that clearly, precisely and professionally writes about all the yummy fabulous services, hotels, goods that are on offer in our motherland -Ghana before another nation comes along and does it for us.

I also pray for real governance, you know…the type of government that spends money on its people, the infrastructure (just look at the roads in Ghana), the type that’s prepared to tackle northern Ghana -and its escalating problems -and one that can offer temporary housing solutions for the ever increasing damage and devastation caused by the ever present -now yearly floods. As for the sewage system -I’m guessing that most humans believe it’s a priority -right??

But mostly I pray that Christian churches in Ghana become places of worship -again. I pray that Christian churches will become forerunners in the holy race to do God’s will, that they will open their (too-beautiful) doors to the poor and feed them (surly they've heard off feeding programs), offer shelter to Ghana's growing homeless population -and use some of their offering money -to help their disadvantaged congregation to set-up-businesses. Am I asking for too much???
Happy Christ-Birthday


Paulina xxx

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