Sunday, 12 January 2014

Ed Bossman Yeboah ordered to pay £111,000 plus by 25th January 2014 or face further two years in jail.....

Title: Jailed Tottenham VAT fraudster told to cough up £111,000 for solar panel export scam
Dated: Thursday, August 1, 2013

A business consultant who fraudulently claimed £120,000 in VAT repayments for solar panels supposedly exported to Ghana has been given seven months to pay the courts more than £111,000 – or face a further two years in jail.
Ed Bossman Yeboah, 53, of Woodside Gardens, Tottenham, was jailed for two years on July 17 for the VAT fraud, after being found guilty of 13 charges.

Last week the court convened again to determine how much he should pay back. A judge ordered he be made to pay £104,481.52 plus court costs of £7,285 by January 25 next year.

If he fails to return the money his original sentence will be doubled.

Yeboah had tried to fool inspectors from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) that he was purchasing and exporting solar panels from the UK to Ghana, meaning he could claim back the VAT charged.
He was jailed on July 25 for two years after being found guilty of submitting 13 fraudulent VAT repayment claims totalling £113,000, of which £101,000 was paid. He was acquitted of two further offences.

Yeboah was a director of a firm called Universal Management Consultancy which submitted claims to HMRC for VAT refunds.

Their suspicions were raised when he submitted a claim for almost £17,000 in 2011 despite his firm having a consistenly low turnover.


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