Tuesday, 17 June 2014

World Cup Fever..........................USA 2 - GHANA 1

Paulina says: Omgooooooodness.....................what happened in that game against USA??? Still finding it uber difficult to shake it off -aren't you? Its times like this when I feel like I love Ghana ---toooo much, I might need deliverance.

Last night was crazy ---after sitting with my heart in my mouth until the 81st-minute for our Andre Ayew’s equalizer only to have the USA snatch it away from us (again), ---I found myself beyond tired (and sad) --and sending a couple of tweets --to USA comedian ellen degeneres --who felt the need to tweet the following ignorant comment:

"Go USA! Fastest goal in U.S World Cup History in the #USAvsGhana game. 32 seconds! It took me longer to look up where Ghana is."
***I was beyond disappointed!!!!!!!! I couldn't quiet get my head around a mega celebrity of degeneres' stature, taking delight in not being educated enough to know where our Ghana is situated -when we have beaten her very 'own' USA in 2006 and 2010!!!!

How can ellen degeneres be sooo proud of having a limited 'American' education, -makes you really wonder!!!

Anyway if you're wondering what I tweeted -its as follows --and I have to clap for myself for my Christian restraint, I could have gone very low-down-and-dirty-bypassing-hell-and-going-to-Hades-to bring-up-bile but I didn't.
"Dear Ellen DeGeneres -Ghana is a fabulous country --situated in the West of Africa.. Why not go back 2 school & get some education. #USAvGHA #WorldCup"


If 95% of Americans can't find Ghana on a map --something is wrong. USA must not be proud of this... #USAvGHA #WorldCup"

**I must state, with many of us feeling like ellen degeneres crossed the line with her ignorance -the huge backlash means she later deleted the nonsense but is yet to issue an apology. I'm now totally off her.

Still we have another opportunity to change things in this World Cup!!! -Our boys play Germany on the Saturday 21st June 2014 at 20:00 on BBC1..... |And as we continue to pray and support our boys ---I would like to see less of those juju men in the audience!!!!

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