Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Fashion: Bow Boutique Accra -Ghana’s must-visit-boutique

(The Rachel Dress by Sika £149.00 available at Bow Boutique Accra)

“'Variety' is the fundamental focus of Bow Boutiques ethos. We strive to bring you carefully selected fashion forward apparel, coupled with a high-end trend lead shoe selection and hand made accessories from brands sourced in London, New York and Paris. For the first time in West Africa, Bow Boutique Accra aims to offer even the most discerning fashion shopper everything one could ask for under one roof!

The buying team at Bow Boutique Accra have tapped into the shift in taste of contemporary shoppers and have developed fresh new a forum where this segment of the industry can develop and flourish.”
Bow Boutique..

The recently opened Bow Boutique situated in the Movenpick Ambassador Hotel Accra, Ghana is driving me crazy in a good way!! New, hot and with a growing fan base (I know nothing of the people behind Accra’s latest number-one-must-visit-boutique) -Bow Boutique feels like someone’s climbed into my head -and run off with my ideas (laughter).. Like I said I don’t have much info -but I do know that they have good taste and an excellent buyer -because they are the first boutique to stock uber fabulous fashion label, Sika in Ghana… I think I’m going to have to call Noelle Bonner (who’s in Ghana right now) to find out more about this yummy boutique; its interiors and the good people behind it -but in the mean time you can check it out at:

Bow Boutique Accra
Movenpick Ambassador Hotel
Independent Avenue
1st floor retail unit 13B
Ridge, Accra
Tel: +233 570179677
Email us at:

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