Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Hot Blog Alert: Actress Fransesca Quartey’s ‘Vintage Me’ Blog is a must-read…

“In the bath all that needs to be done gets done, like filing feet etc. Extremely important if one is planning to wear, as I am, fully fashioned stockings…” Fransesca Quartey

Beautiful and talented, Fransesca Quartey -a cross between Billie Holiday and the Duchess of Windsor, is a director/actress/blogger and a vintage devotee with a real passion for fashion.

Having loved “Old Hollywood glamour ever since I was a little girl” -Fransesca Quartey’s fabulous retro happenings are fun, eclectic and addictive. This aficionado’s years of experience and knowledge of vintage, makes for a yummy read and is a real treat for girly girls and boudoir princesses, honestly -her blog reads like a reference book of vintage-must-haves-and-must-knows.

Page after page of Fransesca Quartey in one splendid outfit after another, beauty tips and days at the hair saloon are part of the fun -and I love her style, in fact I love her whole look and verve. Of Swedish-Ghanaian descent, there’s a real richness of personality and many layers to Fransesca Quartey personality and blogs but don’t take my word for it, check it out!!

To keep up with all of Fransesca Quartey’s fabulous vintage happenings visit:

(Credit: All of the above photographs belong to Fransesca Quartey and appear on this blog for commenting purpose only)..

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